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We carry all the latest and most innovative hardware solutions from leading names in the industry. Whether you’re an experienced DIY enthusiast or a novice vaper, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our hardware inventory includes high-quality kits, pod systems, mods, coils, and tanks at competitive prices. You’ll find incredible deals on all the top brands, including VooPoo, SmokTech, Aspire, Vaporesso, and more.

If you’re looking to take your vaping to the next level, check out our impressive selection and get started today.

You may not have heard of Mouu, but they’re quickly becoming the hot new company in the world of ultra-portable vapes. Their flagship product is a sleek, striking device which is so much more than a simple delivery system.

Through their dedication to cutting-edge technology, Mouu have created a portable vape pen which features advances no other company has thought of. For instance, the Mouu has a sealable mouthpiece to prevent dust particles and debris from getting inside your vape. No more vaping your pocket lint on accident!

All their products are also made from hygienic, washable, food-grade materials. Unlike those other systems where your mouthpiece can become unspeakably nasty, the Mouu can be disassembled and cleaned easily.

Furthermore, Mouu is a company known for their craftmanship. While most portable products are borderline disposable, given their poor build quality, the Mouu product line boasts a dedicated to quality that you can really feel. All the threading, finishing, and designs of their products are top-tier. In fact, these pens have a look and feel that usually costs 4x what you’ll pay for one of their kits. If you haven’t heard of Mouu and you’re a fan of portable vaping, check out the hottest new alternative to the most famous brands out there.

Pomp is a leading CBD vape company, offering some of the highest quality and most reliable CBD products on the market today. Since their inception, Pomp has been dedicated to maximizing the accessibility of CBD, as the result of their conviction that CBD can be an integral part of a “positive and beautiful life experience.” To that end, Pomp have taken several impressive steps towards pushing the CBD vape technology forward.

For instance, in 2016, Pomp began looking for an alternative to the heavy metals commonly found in CBD vape pens. In fact, many of these devices still use heavy metals to an extent which is far exceeding healthy practices. In response to this health issue, Pomp came out with their technology R&D. Their VPOCERA Zisha Ceramic Technology is truly one of a kind, providing CBD vapers with a healthier and less risky means of enjoying their favorite CBD oils.

This technology was inspired by the Zisha Teapot, an icon of Chinese culture over the past 20 millennia, but ceramic isn’t the only fancy material found din Pomp products. They also use only food-grade, lead-free, and heavy metal free products. As such, they’re one of the only companies out there who can safely and accurately make the claim that their products “do not produce any harmful matter after heating.” Their manufacturing standards are also among the highest in the industry.

You face enough challenges and risks in your daily life, why not make CBD a safe and relaxing pastime by picking up a Pomp product today? For a remarkably satisfying and reliable vape, Pomp is the clear choice.

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