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How To Fix a Burnt Coil in a Disposable Vape?

The following steps can help you prolong the life of your burnt coils while you wait for your new ones to arrive:

Step 1: Soak the coils

Firstly, clean your e-cigarette coils by soaking them in a bowl of hot water to loosen and dissolve any remnants.

Step 2: Clean the coils

For stubborn residue that doesn't dissolve after soaking, mix a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar into the hot water. It would be best if you also soaked it in hot water for a second time to remove any traces of lemon or vinegar that may have made your juice taste weird.

Step 3: Allow drying

After removing your coils from the water bowl, lay them flat on a towel or flat surface to dry.

Step 4: Prime the coils

Priming your coils is the most effective way to avoid dry hits. Putting the coils into a few drops of e-liquid will allow the wick to absorb the liquid and prevent the coils from burning.

Step 5: Replace

Lastly, refill your electronic cigarette with new coils and continue to vape as usual.

How Long To Leave The Vape After Changing The Coil?
We recommend allowing your coil to prime for as long as possible—anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes is recommended. However, depending on how long you leave it to vape, most coils will be ready for vaping after around 5-10 minutes.
How Often Should You Change Your Vape Coil?
We strongly advise you to change your coil as frequently as you vape. For example, if you constantly vape throughout the day, you should change it at least once weekly. You could change it in less than a month if it's not as frequent.
How To Make Your Vape Coil Last Longer?

There are five suggestions for extending the life of your vape coil:

1. Prime coils

Ensure the wick is completely saturated with e-liquid before installing a new coil. A primer is not required if you are willing to wait long enough, but it is the best way to guarantee that your wick is completely saturated before inhaling.

2. Use premium E-Liquids. 

It is a well-known fact that cheap e-liquids contain excessive sweeteners, which caramelize over time and damage vape kits, such as coils.

3. Clean your coils regularly.

Coils should be cleaned regularly to remove any excess e-liquid.

4. Keep your tank full.

Insufficient e-juice leads to your wick vaporizing thin air, creating an unpleasant burnt taste.


Signs That Your Vape Coil Needs To Be Replaced

The device, coil resistance, heat levels, e-liquid, and frequency of use all influence whether your vape coil needs to be changed or not. However, there are several indicators that your coils need to be replaced.

1. Burnt Flavor

An unpleasant burning taste in your vape is the most obvious sign that you need to change your coil.

2. Bubbling Sound

In this case, your device is instructing you to replace the coil. While using your device, you may hear a vacuous bubbling sound that indicates your coil needs to be replaced.

3. Flavor Deficit

If your coil is worn out, your taste will be diminished.

4. Little Vapor

You will notice a reduction in cloud cover when the coil has expired.

5. The device is beginning to leak

Worn-out coils are a common cause of leaking devices.