Innokin Scion Replacement Coils 3PCS

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Innokin Scion Replacement Coils will keep your Scion Tank creating smooth vapor and tasting delicious for days. Innokin Scion replacement coils designed to provide excellent vapor production and delicious flavor of your favorite e-liquid.


  • 3x Innokin Scion Replacement Coils

The Innokin SCION replacement coils deliver unforgettable flavor to your Innokin Scion tank featuring lasting coils for a supreme sub-ohm vaping experience. Choose your coil option, Innokin Plexus offers a 0.15ohm coil rated (60-110W) or a 0.13ohm coil rated (80-110W) or Plex3D 0.14ohm coils rated (60-100W). Coils contain organic cotton which extends the life of the coil and provides a large heating area of the plexus mesh coil for rapid wicking and a fullness of flavor.

Innokin Scion Replacement Coils Features:

  • Japanese Organic Cotton
  • 0.13ohm Plexus Coils - Rated for 80-100W
  • 0.14ohm Plex3D Coils - Rated for 60-100W
  • 0.15ohm Plexus Coils - Rated for 60-110W
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