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Clapton Coils - Joyetech - Vape Hardware Brand - iJoy - Vape Hardware Brand

Clapton coils are the perfect coil for DIY vapers that prefer rebuildable. Clapton coils come in a variation of styles and resistances. STANDARD CLAPTON COILS are thinner with a gauge wire tightly wrapped around a thicker gauge core. Standard Clapton coils are slower to heat but offer more flavor and are perfect for sub-ohming and DL vaping. FUSED CLAPTON COILS offer a thinner gauge wire wrapped around two or more thicker gauge cores, they heat quickly and increase the flavor of your e-juice, FUSED CLAPTON COILS are suitable for both DL and MTL vaping. STAGGERED FUSED CLAPTON COILS offer a thinner gauge wire wrapped around a dual Clapton Core. These take longer to heat, yet elicit the best flavors from your e-juice, they are low resistance coils suitable for DL vaping styles. ALIEN CLAPTON COILS are de-cored and wrapped around a multi-strand core. They heat slowly because of their large surface area perfect for low resistance and Sub-ohm vaping styles. There are different variations of the FUSED CLAPTON COILS

Joyetech was founded in 2007 with head office in Shenzhen, China and multiple factories throughout Southeastern China. As one of the largest vapor device manufactures globally Joyetech’s executives saw the importance in building highly talented teams of engineers, designers, and production management, in order to create the highest quality vapor products possible.

Joytech is one of the largest electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world. The brand boasts highly sought after products for every kind of vapor. Joyetech has everything you need for a quality vape including kits, pods, tanks, coils and mods.

Joytech is committed to innovation with their products; their new e-grip mini is so fashionable it can be worn as a purse. Joyetech continues to be a pioneer in the vaping industry with exclusive hardware and devices as they continue pushing forward.

iJoy is a globally electronic vape company that has made its way up the leaderboard. With their luxury quality, creative designs, and superior engineering it has enhanced the elements of all iJoy products. The company has a great understanding of what vape users want, and manufactured devices that perform a richness of perfection to satisfy all users.

Their top research team has captivated the market by demand and vape users expectations by expanding their products from kits, coils, tanks and more! Since the start of the company, iJoy has been captive by originality and its magnificent designs to attract all vape users.

They have developed a variety of high-end vape mods, and are dedicated to manufacturing vapor products. Known for their attention to detail, when purchasing iJoy products from iJoy mod or RDTA, you know you’re experiencing something that is unforgettable!