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E-liquids - White Note - Okami - Vape E-Liquid Brand

When it comes to flavor preference, no two vapers are alike. Whether you’re looking for fresh fruit flavors or something more savory, you’ll find it here at ProVape. Each flavor comes in all available varieties, including different nicotine levels and nicotine salt options.

We carry all the most popular flavors by your favorite brands, including Jam Monster, Naked100, Candy King, and Beard Vape. Find the E-liquid to suit your every mood with our massive and easy-to-navigate selection.

Over the past few years, OKAMI vape brand has been dominating the vape juice market with premium quality e-juices that go above your expectations. Produced from Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2013, OKAMI is a lifestyle brand that creates not only the perfect flavors of e-juice for your taste buds, but they have a line of apparel as well.

Each flavor is blended with high quality ingredients with real fruit spectacles to ensure a richness of flavor. With six different flavor profiles, each will enhance a trip like never before. Every e-liquid is packaged in a 100mL squeeze bottle with varying nicotine concentration levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The six profile flavors make up the OKAMI brand including: Haute Mocha, Dolce & Guava, Lychee Lauren , Kool Lagerfeld, Berry Mcqueen and Lychee Wintour. These powerful flavors bring a blast of tastiness with every hit, and follows with thick milky clouds of perfection. With more flavors on the rise, OKAMI is becoming one of the most popular e-liquid brands on the market today!