Regular e-Liquids - The Mamasan - Vape E-Liquid Brand

Traditional e-liquids are tasting better than ever nowadays, what with mesh coils, adjustable wattage pod systems, and everything else technology is doing to keep your flavors crisp and fresh. That’s why we carry an abundance of e-liquids, suitable for vapers of all stripes.

If you’re into those thick and creamy max-VG e-liquids, we’ve got you covered. Just check out our entire section of dessert, custard, and bakery e-liquids. For those who prefer a higher PG blend, you’ve got a whole stock full of beverage, fruit, and candy flavors to pick from. With ProVape, there’s never a shortage of new and exciting flavors to try.

We also carry e-liquids you may not find anywhere else – and with prices that really can’t be beat! Our entire stock of e-juice is painstakingly selected and inspected for quality, meaning you’ll always get what you order, in a timely fashion, and at a great price. Don’t waste any more time reading this, there’s new e-juices being added every day!

The Mamasan brand is a top of the line manufacturer for exquisite e-juice, making use of luxury quality ingredients with an assortment of exotic flavor profiles for an extraordinary vape experience. With over ten flavors of e-juice, each expresses a different taste that leaves your taste buds with a blast of fruity sensation.

The Mamasan brand was launched back in May 2016 making a lot of noise in the vaping world. Their Asian inspired flavors offer a unique one-of-a-kind experience that is truly different from anything you have ever tried. 

If you are someone who enjoys salivating fruit flavors, then The Mamasan brand will satisfy all your needs. The Asian inspired fruit blend delivers a sensual enhance that you cannot find anywhere else. The Mamasan brand also features a dose of delicious fruity combinations such as their Double Apple and Strawberry Kiwi Cali Cooler. The double feature fruit blends take vaping to a whole new experience.