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Can You Smoke E-Liquid?
The short answer is yes. In electronic cigarettes, e-liquid is vaporized to create smoke similar to a traditional cigarette.
Does E-Liquid Expire?

Yes, e-liquid has an expiration date. Nevertheless, it takes a long time before it becomes dangerous to use. The e-liquid has a two-year lifespan after it is produced. An e-liquid's expiration date may be shortened if the bottle is opened, improperly stored, or depending on the kind of vape juice used. The time frame has such an expansive range that vapers must make decisions based on other measures to determine if their e-liquid has expired.

Why Does E-Liquid Turn Dark or Brown?

The chemical reaction known as oxidation causes e-liquid to turn dark or brown inside the bottle. Nicotine is a highly reactive chemical that can react and darken the liquid. The more nicotine there is, the darker the e-liquid will be.

Can You Buy E-Liquid Online?

Many people nowadays make their purchases online and have them delivered to them promptly. It is faster and more accessible, and you can access all types of products and take your time making your decision without having to rush or move anywhere. In just a few minutes, you can order your preferred e-liquids at the best prices from our online store, ProVape. Furthermore, we offer free shipping if you spend more than $100.

How Long Does Vape Juice Last?
Different types of juice have different expiration periods. Apart from that, how you use and store your e-liquid plays a vital role in its preservation. Vapers shouldn't leave the e-liquid for more than five days. After this period, the liquid will probably get a bad taste. If you don't use the tank for a long time, the coil may start to flood and leak, depending on the quality of the tank and coil.
How To Get Vape Juice Stains Out of Clothes?
Regardless of the clothing fabric, vape juice that doesn't contain resin is usually easy to remove from clothes with a warm and wet cloth. Just blot the vape juice stain gently without rubbing it in circles to avoid spreading the stain or causing the fabric fibers to further absorb the liquid. When you manage to blot the stain with your washcloth, proceed with running the fabric underwater. After that, wait for it to get dried; if the stain is still there, repeat the procedure.
Does Vape Juice Contain Caffeine?
Vape juice usually doesn't contain caffeine unless specifically stated otherwise. Vaping caffeine is quite a new practice because caffeine molecules are too big for you to vape them through an average device.  We recommend you be extra careful with vape juice containing caffeine, so you don't over caffeinate yourself.
Can You Mix Regular Vape Juice With Wax?
Mixing your e-liquid with vax isn't advisable because you're likely to waste both substances. Instead, you should load the wax into a special pen with a ceramic coil available on the market. 
Can You Use Salt Nic Juice in a Regular Vape?
In general, you can use nic salts with any device to consume vape juice, regardless of whether the mod is designed for freebase nicotine. However, if you opt for high nicotine nic salt, you will need a specific MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) set up to keep nicotine on the low end. You should look for nic salts with lower nicotine levels, ranging from 3mg to 6mg for direct inhaling.