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Citrus Salt Grey Joose 30ml

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Citrus salts from Grey Joose is an MTL only e-liquid flavored with fresh & juicy summertime tangerines & oranges. Available here on ProVape in 30mg & 50mg of your choice!

Have a citrus burst of tangy oranges that will tingle your taste buds in the sweetest way possible. The vibrant and fresh-tasting Grey Joose "Citrus" showcases a straightforward and well-balanced citrus-flavored e-liquid. Complimentary citrus notes of juicy tangerine and a hint of orange brighten the palate.

With our e-liquid citrus flavor, you can enjoy the tingling taste of oranges & tangerines for the entire year. Our citrus e-liquid is tailored to give you a relaxing vaping experience

We’ve all had our share of orange e-liquids before, but nobody has done it quite like Grey Joose! They focus on capturing that fresh & juicy first bite flavor of summertime citrus that makes you come back for more and more with every puff.

Citrus Salt Grey Joose 30mL: Specifications:

  • Strength: 30mg / 50mg
  • Size: 30ml
  • VG/PG Ratio: 50/50
  • Flavor Profile: Fruit, Citrus, Tangerine, Orange
  • Recommended Devices: Most MTL Devices, Pods, Aios
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Flavor TypeFruit
e-Liquid Size30ml
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