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Clearance - REGULAR - SALT-NIC - Pachamama - Vape E-Liquid Brand - Breakfast - Custard and Cream - Fruit

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Pachamama by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, has been a widely popular brand that received lots of attention due to its variety of tropical fruit flavors. Continuously, pachamama has recently extended their line with a salt nic formula. Now, you are able to experience their new salt blends in an e-liquid form, and experience a long lasting relaxation.

With their exotic flavors, each hit will have you more intrigued than the next. Pachamama flavors include fuji apple, sorbet, grape, strawberry, tropical blends, honeydew melon, icey mango, strawberry watermelon, classic tobacco, and much more!

Each flavor of vape juice comes in a 30mL bottle that features a nicotine salt formula. It offers a 50/50 blend that is the perfect ratio in both flavor and smoke. It is available in 25mg and 50mg nicotine strengths for your choice. Try it out now using your favorite pod system!

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