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Clearance - REGULAR - SALT-NIC - Cream Puff Factory - Vape E-Liquid Brand - Breakfast - Custard and Cream - Fruit

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The one and only Cream Puff Factory! by Ruthless. As you may have heard, Ruthless is also the company behind the Loaded, Overloaded, Twist, Pleasure Factory and Rewind brands of e-liquid. The expert mixologists behind Ruthless are culinary trained flavorists who have perfected the art of e-liquid concoction.

Whichever flavor you desire, they have it bottled up and ready to blast your lungs with luscious clouds. Ruthless manufactures its own vape juice following strict guidelines ensuring all products are tested for the highest quality. Specializing in delectable confections, the Cream Puff Factory line of e-liquids offers banana and vanilla flavored options. The flavors are designed for maximum taste bud satisfaction.

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