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While we pride ourselves on providing the lowest prices anywhere on the Internet, we also like to provide our loyal customers with regular clearance sales. Whether it’s a holiday sale or a manufacturer looking to boost some interest in its newest items, you’ll find a regular rotation of clearance prices here at ProVape.

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The OOOFlavors company covers many aspects of the e-liquid market, from DIY materials to create your own e-juice, to their own offerings of delectable flavors. Specializing in flavor concentrates, their capacity for concocting luscious e-liquid lines is unmatched. OOOFlavors will not only tease your taste buds, but it will also fully quench your expectations.

If going the DIY route or testing out flavor concentrate aren't your cup of tea, do not fret! They also offer some of the most delicious flavors out there, including: Tropical Beast, Gummy Rings, Slam Dunkin, Mr. Pink, and Cookies and Cream.

CBDfx is a top-tier CBD manufacturer and retailer. In the ever-expanding market of CBD options, it can be hard to know where to place your trust. Rest assured, CBDfx is the real deal. As the nation’s premier distributor of CBD products, CBDfx offers more than 50 superior cannabidiol products to suit every customer’s needs. In fact, CBDfx has been setting the bar for years with fully organic hemp products, from which CBD is extracted in their Southern California labs. Their product lines are varied, including vape juice, creams, tinctures, and gummies!

Even more importantly, CBDfx stays on the absolute bleeding edge of cannabidiol technology. Some of their newest innvoations include terpene-infused CBD gummies and other forward-looking products. CBDfx is also dedicated to following trends and raising awareness of the health benefits of CBD, in addition to the risks of using counterfeit products. There’s a reason that CBDfx has made a name for themselves with unbeatable customer retention and loyalty. That reason? Consistently safe, high-quality, and organic CBD products which meet every customer’s needs.

If you’re looking for CBD products of any kind, you want, above all else, to make sure that you’re getting safe and quality-controlled products from a trusted retailer. There’s not an unkind word to be said about CBDfx and you’ll always be safe when you pick up their products.

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