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Migos Moon Nasty Juice 60mL

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Migos Moon by Nasty Juice is a thirst-quenching mixture of ripe, juicy oranges and tart lemons that will lift your taste buds to new heights.


  • 1x Migos Moon Nasty Juice 60mL

Migos Moon by Nasty Juice presents a zesty, and chilly, explosion of citrus flavor that will satisfy your thirst. Masterfully crafted to balance the zing of lemons with the sweetness of oranges without overloading the flavor profile, the experts at Nasty Juice are at it again with a gourmet e-juice that will soon become an integral part of your rotation.

Migos Moon Nasty Juice 60mL Features & Specifications:

  • Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
  • Size: 60mL
  • Bottle Type: “Cocktail Shaker” Bottle
  • Ratio: 70% VG / 30% PG
  • Flavor Profile: Lemon, Lime
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Flavor TypeFruit
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