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Candy King is a company specialized in the production of high quality and affordable vape e-juice. Candy King includes two subsidiaries, Candy King Salt and Candy King Ice. The Candy King Salt line includes nicotine salt versions of Candy King e-liquid, while the Ice line features lightly mentholated versions of traditional flavors.

Candy King presents a continuously evolving line of delectable vape juice flavors like Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, Sour Worms, Catch, Swedish, Strawberry Belts, Peachy Rings, Pink Squares, and Lemon Drops.

Candy King e-liquid is available in 30ml, 60ml, and 100ml capacities offering an amazingly sweet and sour style of vaping experience based on well-known sweets.

Funnel Cake Factory is another great addition by Ruthless. As you may have heard, Ruthless is also the company behind the Cream Puff Factory dessert line of e-juice. Funnel Cake is the latest sweet-tooth indulgence involving the best-selling Vanilla Whipped and Strawberry Whipped flavors. The expertly combined flavors of whipped cream and ripe fruits are bottled up and ready to satisfy your taste buds.

Ruthless is also the brand behind other amazing e-liquid lines such as Loaded, Overloaded, Twist, Pleasure Factory and Rewind brands of e-liquid. The expert mixologists behind Ruthless are culinary trained flavorists who have perfected the art of e-liquid concoction. Now, they have mastered the art of dessert vape juice creation and are ready to ship your favorite choice to your doorstep

Love the idea of freshly baked desserts? Bake It Vapor has made it easier to get all your sweet tooth fixes without the hassle of cooking or cleaning. True to taste dessert blends are manufactured with high quality ingredients to ensure a flavorful mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

Bake It Vapor is a Southern California based e-juice company that has taken over the vaping industry since 2011. With a company background in culinary arts, Bake It Vapor has transformed the e-juice market by cooking up new exotic baked goodies.

The American company specializes in the creation of gourmet e-liquids that are unlike any other. From their three delicious dessert flavors: guava mama, nana pie, and white berry fluff, each provides a different kind of head change. All flavors have a ratio of 70VG/30VG for a smooth hit with no harshness or burnt flavors. Dedicated to contributing some of the best e-juices, Bake It Vapor has prided itself on a luxury vaping experience.

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