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Cafe Ripe Vapes 60mL

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Try Cafe Ripe Vapes 60mL on Provape. Enjoy a creamy roasted coffee with a cinnamon coffee cake flavor, offering some rich vaping bliss.


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Cafe Ripe Vapes 60mL - creamy roasted coffee with a bite of cinnamon coffee cake.

Made with synthetic nicotine. Contains no tobacco. Not intended to be used or mixed with tobacco-derived substances. The vaping experience is smoother but the flavor production is just as strong.

This high-quality product offers a rich and full flavor of tobacco and vanilla custard, with a deeper emphasis on the boldness of classic tobacco flavor.

Ripe Vape's Cafe Vape Juice comes in a 60ml bottle of freebase vape juice with your choice between a 3mg (0.3%), 6mg (0.6%), and 12mg (1.2%) nicotine strength. 

Cafe Ripe Vapes 60mL Features & Specifications:

  • 60ml vape juice
  • Available in a 0mg (0%), 3mg (0.3%), 6mg (0.6%) and 12mg (1.2%) nicotine strength 
  • 25PG / 75VG 
  • Made with tobacco-free nicotine (synthetic nicotine) 
  • Flavor Profile: Coffee, coffee cake & cinnamon
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Flavor TypeBeverage
e-Liquid Size60ml
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