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Tailored Vapors - Vape E-Liquid Brand

Tailored Vapors is a world-renown premium e-liquid maker. With highly praised products such as Shark Gummies and Tailored Iced Tea, they have established a heavy footprint in the realm of premium e-liquids. Founded in 2015, Tailored Vapors established their headquarters in Santa Ana, California. While they run their operation from Santa Ana, the premium e-liquid is manufactured in sunny Orange County, CA.

Their flagship products include best selling e-liquid lines: Tailored House, Tailored Iced Tea, Tailored Salts, Buff Juice, Tropic 100, Shark Gummies, and Pie Factory. In other words, they know what they're doing and they do it well.

In 2015, however, Smok really found their popularity exploding. This was the original release of what would become their iconic, flagship product: The TFV4 tank. After the TFV4, Smok released the TFV8, the upgraded version of their incredibly popular tank. This new release shattered both sales records and industry conceptions about how big a vape company could get. The unprecedented popularity of Smok’s tanks had now reached a critical mass. They had become the titan of the vape industry.

Today, Smok still enjoys their reputation as vaping’s foremost innovator and sales leader. When buying Smok products, you’re investing in arguably the most accessible and readily available brand out there. Even more importantly, Smok is always at the very bleeding edge of innovation and style, yet consistently offer more affordable products than their competitors. There’s a ton of things that Smok just does best, and it makes it hard not to recommend their vapes.