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Revenant - Vape Hardware Brand

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Revenant Vape brings a spooky twist on e-cigarette marketing. But make no mistake, their extensive line of kits, mods, and tanks are nothing to be spooked about. Each product is carefully built and designed to deliver only the very best of clouds.

For example, the best-selling Revenant 80 Kit boasts the OMNI board chipset and 80W of power. Then, you have the Cartel 160 Mod, a box mod that forgoes affordability but delivers the most cutting-edge features including unique and staggering artwork. Lastly, an RDTA tank to pair it with, the Vulpes. Offering a two-post structure for single or double builds. Creating the best vape gear is Revenant's motto, and vaping Revenant's products will prove that the promise has been fulfilled.

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