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Pod Juice - Vape Brand - 55mg - 60ml - Custard and Cream

Pod Juice began with two entrepreneurs with a dream and their overwhelming desire to stop a close relative from chain-smoking. After countless treatments and solutions, including nicotine patches and even hypnosis, none of them worked. That is until vaping was introduced. Inspired by the efficacy of vaping as a smoking cessation tool, the pair of energetic entrepreneurs started their own company: Pod Juice, Inc.

After many iterations of their first juice, they finally came to an FDA-compliant 55mg salt nicotine e-liquid that fully replaced their relative's smoking habits. After this discovery, they knew they were ready to release it into the world. Now, they are responsible for creating the most delicious salt nicotine concoctions on the planet, including the best-selling Savage Patch line of e-liquids.

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