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Johnny Creampuff - Vape E-Liquid Brand - 3mg - 50mg

Johnny Creampuff is a company founded in 2017 as an offshoot from Tinted Brew with a singular dedication to producing light, creamy custard-inspired e-liquids. With flavors ranging from vanilla to blueberry and more, Johnny Creampuff is the e-liquid brand for true dessert aficionados.

While some people like a vape juice company which covers a ton of different bases, Johnny Creampuff is no such company. These guys decided right away that their absolute passion was the creation of top-notch dessert e-liquid, with a heavy dose of authentic cream baked into each of their recipes. Not every vaper has a sweet tooth, but the genuine custard flavor of these e-liquids is truly remarkable. Each of their e-liquids is carefully crafted to expertly capture the ephemeral essence of custard, so what are you waiting for? Come take a bite!