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Air Factory - Vape E-Liquid Brand - Candy - Dessert

Air Factory is one of the more recognizable e-juice brands out there, with their well-known double-ghost logo and plain-faced lettering. This vape liquid manufacturer broke ground in 2016, releasing their juices in the first Chubby Gorilla bottles ever seen on the market. While most companies were still selling liquid in 30 or 60mL bottles, Air Factory upped the ante with their chunky 100mL bottles. This required more of a commitment on the part of the consumer, but Air Factory have always been confident in their product – and with good reason!

Today, Air Factory produces a ton of different flavors, with a few separate product lines worth mentioning. Of course, there is Air Factory Salts, which includes all of their high nicotine-percentage nicotine salts, ideal for MTL devices and pod systems. They also have a Frost line of vape juice, with a delicate and perfectly-balanced touch of menthol for cooling down on those warm summer days. Finally, they have a Treats line, which offers a more bakery- and dessert-oriented take on their traditionally sweet e-liquids.

Their Original Air Factory line includes probably their most well-known e-liquids: candy-flavored vape juice which perfectly mimics the taste and even the mouthfeel of Airheads candy. They even have a “Mystery” flavor! If you’re a candy fanatic with a big love for Airheads, Air Factory is where you should be putting your money.