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7 Daze - Vape E-Liquid Brand - 60ml

7 Daze started as an e-liquid manufacturer, capturing the expertise of their founding team members. Respected engineers in air and vapor analytics as well as leading engineers in the food industry worked together to form the leading e-liquid manufacturer company, 7 Daze MFG.

As their brand grew, they continued to strive behind their motto "Give People What They Want". Garnering their expertise in design, research and manufacturing, they launched their first product testing for ZOOR, a closed system vaporizer that eliminated the need to fill your own tank (pod). ZOOR was created to provide a new user experience with its ease of use and unique nicotine formulation combined with the industry leading flavors from 7 Daze.

Continuing their growth, 7 Daze broke ground on a 44,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Southern California, aiming to set a new standard in the vaping industry. Their new project is undergoing advanced renovations to become the largest vape manufacturing facility in Southern California.