Wismec Motiv 2 AIO Pod System Review

Wismec Motiv 2 AIO Pod System Review

Greetings, vaper. We’re back with another vape review. Today, I’m gonna do the predictable: review another pod system. You know how much I like to tease you pod lovers! It’s no big deal. It just so happens that I’ve actually tried this little guy before. I’m talking about the Wismec Motiv 2 Aio Pod System. This fella is one of the simplest, most minimalist pod systems out there. Unlike its counterparts, this one boasts a battery that could actually keep you going for an entire day (unless you rabidly puff 100 times per minute).


Its draw-activated firing gives you an authentic smoking feel, combined with pleasant ergonomics, a form-fitting mouthpiece, 3mL of e-liquid capacity, and much more. It’s only $20 bones, too, which makes this an awesome deal, but I’m not here to sell. I’m here to review. Anyway, I will crack this open, review this pod system straight out of the packaging, and give you my honest thoughts, critiques, non-sequiturs, cynical comments, and ruminations.


Firstly, let’s take a quick peek at the pros and cons. Onward!



  • Dimensions: 87.7 x 34.4 x 14.4 mm
  • Weight: 58.9g
  • Juice Capacity: 3.0mL Refillable Pod
  • Battery: Integrated 500mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 10W
  • Maximum Voltage Output: 3.5V



  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Intuitive LED Indicator Light
  • Side Airflow Design
  • Timeout Protection
  • Atomizer Protection
  • Low-Voltage Protection
  • Dual-Circuit Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • No-Load Protection
  • MicroUSB Charging
  • Available in Red, Green, Black, White, & Blue


Contents & Pod:

Here we go! I see the vaporizer, two pods, a microUSB charging cable, and your typical user manual. Makes me happy to see a spare pod every time I unleash one of these pod systems into the world. Companies that cheap out on this aspect always stick with me, and I tend to become more critical of anything they do. Wismec is relatively unknown in comparison to the vaping giants but way to stay in somebody’s radar. An unknown writer trapped in his own little world. One person at a time, though; that’s the way to capture the entire market.


The pods contour around the battery so seamlessly, you’ll think it’s all one unit. The finish is smooth and not much of a fingerprint magnet either. The slightly flattened design makes the pod feel nice when puffing. It’s form-fitting, as they say, and they are correct. I don’t like that there’s no information regarding its coil resistance, though. I like the flavor, and the vapor production, but what’s the OHM!


Anyway, the pod takes 3mL of vape juice and you can fill via your usual port at the bottom of the pod. Nothing worth going into detail about unless you need to learn how to stick something in a hole. In that case, that’s a whole different discussion.


The Battery:

It’s pod systems like these you learn to love again. Remember the Suorin Vagon? It was dissed at first for its weird aesthetic but then praised for its long-lasting battery. Well, the Motiv 2 boasts a 500mAh battery that recharges quickly. That’s more battery than the Suorin Vagon! Definitely above average and worth a pro mark right there. The LED lights flash to indicate battery levels, as these lights tend to do. Green means dead, red means 249% battery, and orange rhymes with door-hinge. Don’t forget that you can also vape while it’s charging. There’s a passthrough capability that you’ll find pleasant if you’re way too eager to puff.



As I puff on this Wismec Motiv 2 Aio Pod System (had to type the whole thing, for SEO purposes), I encounter pleasant clouds with a cotton candy-like firmness to them. I wish I could grab the cloud and bite it, minus the emptiness you feel after eating actual cotton candy (or the mild stomachache… was it just me?).


Overall, this is a regular pod system that stands out by doing the fundamentals well. It gives what you crave, and it doesn’t have any fat. No embellishments or pointless bells and whistles. You buy it with a twenty and you put it in your mouth (that’s what she said), and that is pretty much everything. With great flavor comes great mediocre products. Fortunately, not in this case. We recommend the Wismec Motiv 2.


Pros & Cons:

Now that you have my thoughts out in the open, in plain sight, here is also a collection (a gathering of sorts) of pros and cons. It’s a collective consensus from other popular experts. This way, I hope you can study at a quick glance what is good and bad about this device that will help you make a choice whether or not to purchase it. If something I’m reviewing sucks, I’ll tell you, but that doesn’t mean everybody agrees with me. This includes you.


Let’s press on:


Reviewer: [Vaping Insider] 


  • Hits nice and quick for a pod system
  • Portable and compact – fits nicely and easily in your pocket
  • No ramp up on this device, it hits as soon as you press fire
  • Terrific finish and ergonomic aesthetic
  • Flavor is delicious and the 3mL capacity is big for a pod system
  • Ideal for those who like a deliciously loose mouth to lung vaping preference
  • Good for stealth vaping / zero vaping
  • LED battery light indicator is responsive and accurate
  • Draw-activated gives it a nice, authentic smoking experience
  • A spare pod is included – huge pro (as always)
  • Cheap, affordable, and worth every penny


  • Gurgles a little bit when refilling
  • Two kinds of pods (TPD 2mL and 3mL pods) without coil resistance specification for each


Reviewer: [Spinfuel]


  • Unique look – smooth and ergonomic
  • AIO hybrid elegant features for a pod system
  • Simple exterior but sturdy construction
  • Easy to fill with vape juice
  • Delicious flavor and decently sized pods
  • A spare pod is included which is nice
  • Salt nic juices taste amazingly with these pods
  • Excellent wicking


  • Nothing innovative in the performance department
  • Mediocre battery performance


Reviewer: [Vape Ranks]


  • You receive a spare pod in the package
  • Very nice finish
  • Form-fitting mouthpiece feels nice at the draw
  • Streamlined, clean look – Ideal for minimalists
  • Convenient fill port provides easy refilling
  • Decent battery life
  • Flavor comes out delicious


  • Can’t see e-liquid level inside pod


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