VooPoo Mojo Starter Kit Review

This minimalist starter kit will keep your mojo going strong long after you put it down





Greetings, vaper.

Let’s talk about one of VooPoo’s bestsellers: The Mojo.


As with any device (vape or otherwise), we human folk prefer to take a deep dive into the specs and features before we spend a single dime.


We want to find out if it’s worth the cheddar cheese. Especially when the name has the word “poo” on it, am I right? *sad trombone*


So, it’s my duty to crack this kit open and dissect it for you.


This way, I can provide you with both objective AND subjective opinions, feelings, and perspectives. What I may think it’s badass, you may think it’s lame; and vice versa.


The issue with some of these starter kits is that you can spend top green on something that falls short or doesn’t meet your expectations.


And once you’ve opened the packaging and puffed a few clouds, the store will probably not give you your money back.


Which is good for everyone because I wouldn’t want to purchase a kit and receive used coils and drip tip. . . who knows where that mouth has been.


It can be a bit risky – especially if you’re on a budget or if you simply don’t want to spend THAT much on a vape kit. I get it, it’s understandable.


Hell, I’ve kicked items out of my cart merely seconds before completing the purchase. The reasons vary, but price is always a top one. I want more details. I want a consensus, specs, features, pros and cons, you name it.


So, while the 92-degree California heat blazes through my house here by the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Coast. I’ll gather all the details for you.


Don’t worry, I got the A/C on – on full BLAST.


We will examine the main specs and features, opinions, pros and cons — all under the bare sun, in all their glory (or lack thereof).






·         Box Mod Weight: 172.1g

·         Display: OLED Display

·         Box Mod Material: Zinc Alloy

·         Battery: Integrated 2600mAH Rechargeable

·         Wattage Output Range: 5 - 88W

·         Voltage Input Range: 3.2 - 4.2V

·         Voltage Output Range: 0 – 8.5V

·         Temperature Range: 200 – 600F

·         Minimum Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm

·         Resistance Range: Power Mode 0.05ohm – 3.0ohm

·         Resistance Range: TC Mode

0.05ohm – 1.0ohm

·         Sub-Ohm Tank Diameter: 24.6 mm

·         Juice Capacity: 3.5mL

·         Coil Rating: 0.4ohm U2 UForce Dual Coils (rated for 40-80W)

·         Tank Material: Stainless Steel/Pyrex Glass Reinforcement



·         Highly Advanced US GENE Fun Chip

·         CNC Precision Milled

·         Simplified Minimalist Design

·         Sharp Lines and Sleek Design

·         Stealth Firing Mechanism

·         Dual Adjustment Buttons

·         Over-Temperature Protection

·         Overtime Protection

·         Output Over-Current Protection

·         Overcharge Protection

·         Short-Circuit Protection

·         Low Battery Warning

·         Over Discharge Protection

·         MicroUSB Port - Firmware Upgrades

·         UForce OCC Coil Technology

·         Short Chimney - Flavor-Focused

·         Quick Vent Channel Design

·         Sliding Top-Fill Method

·         Precision Bottom Airflow Control

·         14mm Delrin Widebore Drip Tip

·         24K Gold-Plated 510 Connection




Colors Available:




Not bad, huh? If this already satisfies your hunger for details, go ahead and get it HERE.


Still on the fence? then let’s keep going. Onward!



Opening the Kimono


The packaging appears standard, and each piece fits into place – I hate it when I open a kit and the glass and O-rings have been rolling around the box for god knows how long.


I want to mention, the box has these nice, colorful splotches. It’s neat and pleasant to my eyesack.

So far so good. . .


Can’t always get what we want, but this kit provides what we need:



1 x 88W Box Mod

1 x UFORCE Tank

2 x 0.4ohm U2 Coils

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x GENE Chip Card

6 x Sealing O-Rings

2 x User Manuals

1 x Warranty Card



The cool guys and gals down at ProVape HQ sent me the red version for this review.


It’s a crimson red so bright it would make Anne Rice quake for another cheesy vampire novel. I liked the Interview movie, although it did not age well.


I digress.


You can tell from the get-go this is a SLEEK minimalist product. As their website proclaims, this is a portable device without redundant embellishments.


Starting from the tip.








The Tank




It’s a form-fitting, 14mm Delrin widebore drip tip.


The tank holds 3.5mL of your favorite juice. To fill, simply slide the top compartment and pour to your heart’s content.


Weighs about 54.6g and boasts a 510 24K gold-plated connector.


The 0.4ohm coil resistance provides superb flavor.





The Mod


Now, let’s work the body down.


The mod provides a rechargeable 2600mAh built-in battery. Also, you can recharge quickly with a 2A charging rate.


Which means you can vape like crazy for a while, recharge, and then start over again: lather, rinse, repeat.


You can adjust the output range from 5W all the way up to 88W – and a voltage range of 0V to 8.5V.




Similar to the VooPoo VMAX 200W (and other VooPoo products), the Mojo boasts the amazing GENE chipset.


This chip is responsible for 10ms firing, which means you’ll have huge billows of vapor tumbling down your gullet the moment you hit fire.


The highly functional temperature control suite provides safety parameters against overtime, over-temperature, overcharging, over-discharge, etc.


The fire and navigation buttons are designed to appear concealed. After a few moments with this product, the button placements become second nature.


I enjoy holding the box mod. I like how it sits easily and smug in my hand.


Heavy construction gives me the feeling of ultimate durability. Thanks to the Zinc Alloy and ergonomics, my fingers wrap intuitively around the mod.


The ridges and edges contour nicely with a soft grip.



The Display


This screen looks cool – although a bit dark and somewhat primitive.


At first glance, I don’t feel compelled to investigate features, but as I play with it, I can see why they went with this choice.


The goal is MINIMALISM. It’s easy, simple, and straightforward.


Another complaint: the screen is a fingerprint magnet, dammit.


Five clicks to turn on and off, as per usual. You use the “concealed” up and down buttons to navigate settings.


If you press both buttons at the same time, you can navigate / switch menus and make adjustments: memory settings, locking your device, wattage adjustment, etc. etc.


Also, you get to upgrade the chip’s firmware via USB cable, which is tight!














(that’s not actually me)


What other professionals have to say!


Don’t just take my word for it.


I’ve scouted the vast plains of the internet looking for other VooPoo Mojo Starter Kit users and listened to what they had to say!


Here I’ve gathered the top two unbiased reviews in the form of a pros and cons list.


See for yourself.













Jai Haze


  • Extra glass included is great.
  • The mod fires very quickly.
  • Tank coil has a huge hole which means tremendous airflow.
  • Solid metal and feels durable – not like cheap plastic
  • Airflow is plentiful – excellent tank


·         Would perform better with 18650 / 21700s

·         Buttons are located at odd spots

·         25mm diameter tanks (and larger) creates overhang



Zophie Vapes



  • Odd button placement but feels good after a while.
  • UFORCE tank is amazing.
  • Easy to navigate OLED interface.
  • Insane cloud-production and flavor.
  • Pass-through charging allows vaping while charging.
  • GENE chipset allows insanely quick firing.
  • Colorful and solid build quality.



·         Tanks larger than 24mm will create overhang.

·         Internal battery isn’t as good as having 18650s.

Taking it for a spin


To sum up what I’ve experienced, this one packs a wallop.


It’s hard to believe a device with a built-in battery could carry such a huge sack.


Seriously, the cloud production is outstanding. The flavor is not too shabby, either. Each exhale felt like pillows of vapor were rolling out of my lungs without strain.


Delicious clouds — that’s for damn sure.


In a nutshell, here’s what you get:



  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Minimalist features
  • Concealed buttons
  • Advanced GENE chipset
  • Easy to navigate OLED screen
  • Long built-in battery life that recharges quickly via 2A
  • Ergonomic and pleasant at the touch
  • Huge clouds and epic flavor via 0.4ohm coils
  • Epic 88W box mod
  • Hefty 3.5mL e-liquid reservoir



My complaints are minimal and mostly subjective. For example, the screen is a fingerprint magnet. First of all, who really cares? It’s not like it’s an iPhone.


Second, yeah other devices have better this and that, but are they as minimalistic and sleek as this puppy? I doubt it.


I think this one receives a good grade.


Not just a passing grade, but a conclusive MUST-HAVE grade.


I should’ve thought about a grading system before reviewing it so it’d make more sense, but you get the point.


The amount of power, cloud-production, and flavor; combined with the safety parameters of the advanced chipset, makes the price point fair and reasonable.


For just $45, it’s definitely worthwhile.


I think this Mojo is worth taking out for a spin.


Actually, more like a few spins; a continuous, long, indefinite spin. I love it.



Give me some Mojo!

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