VooPoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit Review

VooPoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit Review

Greetings, vaper. We’re back with another vape review. In this fateful Friday full of weekend promises, we shall crack open another pod system. This time, it’s the VooPoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit. It’s supposedly the little brother of the popular Zip Series by VooPoo. I find it strange that there is so little information about this pot kit out there. It’s like they don’t want to sell it.


Regardless, I got my grubby paws on it and I will take it for a spin and a puff or two. It’s a compact little device and if you’ve been following our misadventures, you probably know I love the Caliburn. The similar form-factor has me slightly excited, but most pod kits are complete garbage once you puff on them for a whole day.


VooPoo has made some great products in the past so I do have high hopes for this pod system. Let’s rip open this kimono and get vaping. But first, I’m going to bring up the specs and features for a quick overview:



  • Dimensions: 102.9mm x 15mm x 7.1mm
  • Wattage Output Range: 7 - 12W
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.5 - 4.2V



  • 1mL e-Liquid Capacity
  • 250mAh Integrated Rechargeable Battery
  • 8ohm Coil Resistance
  • Zinc-Aluminium Construction
  • Intuitive GENE.POD Chipset
  • Draw-Activated Mechanism
  • Side Refill System
  • Magnetic Snap-In Pod Connection
  • PCTG Pod Build
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Multiple Protections
  • MicroUSB Port


Overall Thoughts:

Hmm, the packaging is okay. Everything is generic so far and my first impression doesn’t inspire the strongest confidence. The stick itself boasts a color so bland that makes the Caliburn appear like a shimmering work of art. My gripe with the Caliburn has always been the lack of pizzazz. Well, this one is even worse. They do, however, offer a nice grip and feel somewhat pleasant when you hold it between your fingers. It’s not quite a cigalike but your regular stick-style form.


Refilling the pod is annoying. It’s messy and the regular spout from your typical e-liquid bottle doesn’t fit. It pours out and you always have to wipe it off. It could’ve been avoided with an extra centimeter of space, but I guess that’s too much to ask from VooPoo.


I do like the lightweight feel when I hold it. Also, the pod fits snugly with a snap-in connection. The flavor is okay but extremely bland. Another gripe of mine is the damn 1mL pod capacity? What the hell is that? Only 1mL? Is this a vape for ants? Imagine having to refill this damn thing every 20 seconds. Boo! GTFO, VooPoo. The more I experience this pod kit, the more I hate it.


The pod kit boasts the same chipset as the other VooPoos: the GENE.Pod. It fires quickly and charges quickly, so those are pros for me. The coil really sucks, though, 1.8ohm with a 1mL e-liquid reservoir is so awful, I rather get anything else – anything! I can’t with good conscience recommend this thing unless you’re looking for the most basic pod kit ever.


Pros & Cons:

Now that you have my honest thoughts out in the open, in plain sight, here is also a collection (a gathering of sorts) of pros and cons. It’s a collective consensus from other popular experts. This way, I hope you can study at a quick glance what is good and bad about this device that will help you make a choice whether or not to purchase it. If something I’m reviewing sucks, I’ll tell you, but that doesn’t mean everybody agrees with me. This includes you.


Let’s press on:


Reviewer: [ECigClick UK] 


  • Portable and conveniently compact at 7mm thick
  • Quick firing speed when inhaling
  • Despite its size and thin build, it remains sturdy
  • Decent flavor


  • Colors are not properly described on the site – seem to vary between vendors
  • VooPoo says it boasts a 250mAh battery but truly has 200mAh


Reviewer: [Ave40 Vapor]


  • Excellent packaging
  • Attractive matte finish
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy material
  • Pleasant to grip and hold with your fingers
  • AAO features and construction provides a balanced thin shape
  • Same GENE POD chipset as the drag nano pod kit
  • You can use the same pods as the drag nano pod kit
  • Refilling is incredibly convenient


  • The color is specified as orange but it’s clearly some type of rose golden
  • 250mAh battery doesn’t keep you going for a full day


Reviewer: [Vape Rankz]


  • Elegant design – simple yet sophisticated
  • Pleasant vape stick form factor with sturdy aluminum body


  • No juicy summer colors available – only bland business style pastels
  • Cartridge fits so little juice ad it’s messy when filling



After consulting the reviewers take on the Alpha Zip Pod Kit, you can sense a pattern: this pod system should be a little bit better. First off, they don’t give you a spare pod (huge con), then, the packaging looks awful. Everything that follows makes up for it in its own way. The chipset does help with the experience of shooting vapor quickly and as soon as you puff it – which is an important factor when using vaping as a method of smoking cessation. That’s a huge plus right there. Another big pro is the price point. Yeah, it may not be the best pod system out there but it’s extremely affordable and let’s face it, we all love to have a pod system lying around somewhere for a quick puff or two. If you enjoy discreet vapor clouds, then this is probably a good choice for you.


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