Vaptio Super Cape Starter Kit Review

Vaptio Super Cape Starter Kit Review

Vaptio seems like one of those companies that’s just really bad at reading the room. This is no way any commentary on the Super Cape itself (we’ll get into that later), but the whole super hero thing they’ve got going on is incredibly tone deaf. Superman, Captain America, Spiderman… sure, adults like these things, but with such intense scrutiny facing the industry today, can we just not do literal superheroes on our vapes? Anyway, the Super Cape is a standard dual 18650 starter kit, topped off with the Paragon Sub-Ohm Tank. Let’s find out if Vaptio can win me over, despite my skepticism regarding a superhero themed vape.



  • Dimensions: 7 x 52 x 34.5mm
  • Display:3” HD Color TFT Screen
  • Battery: Dual 18650
  • Wattage Output Range: 1 – 220W
  • Maximum Charging Current: 5V/2A
  • Resistance Range:15ohm – 0.3ohm
  • Juice Capacity:0mL / 2.0mL
  • Coil Ratings:15ohm Strip, 0.2ohm Mesh


  • Stylish Gradient Spray Painted Finish
  • Leakproof Electrode
  • Pull-Out “Gun Clip” Battery Holder



DJLsb Vapes


  • Flavor is good at highest wattages
  • Very comfortable form factor
  • Sharp & bright screen
  • Centered 510
  • Firing button location is comfortable



  • Very loud & turbulent airflow
  • Juice capacity indicated is misleading
  • Laggy interface
  • Can’t change all LED colors
  • Can’t lock adjustment buttons


Jai Haze


  • Decent build quality



  • Nothing special or innovative
  • Battery door not great
  • Gaudy appearance
  • Tons of LED lights everywhere


Zophie Vapes


  • No spill top-fill system
  • Flavor is on point
  • Cool gun-clip style battery release



  • Drip tip is too loose
  • A ton of threading on top cap
  • Coil doesn’t have enough threading
  • Very loud & airy
  • Too many features
  • Manual is not very helpful



Doesn’t look like Vaptio had anything groundbreaking to offer the market with this Super Cape Starter Kit. There’s not a whole lot to be angry about, except perhaps the design, but there’s nothing to be particularly excited about either. In an age where vaping technology is advancing every day, I can’t help but feel like Vaptio needs to do something different to really put their products on the map. That having been said, let’s check out the cons.


First up, the airflow on this thing is like pressing your ear against the engine of a 747. If you’ve never done that (you haven’t), it’s loud. And it’s turbulent. And it’s loud. What’s that? Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hear you, I was hitting my Vaptio Super Turbo Jet Engine. You get the idea. To be fair, it’s obviously rocking mesh coils, which we all know by now can tend to run a bit loud. That’s no excuse for this kind of turbulence, however, and, just to clarify, it’s loud even by the standards of mesh sub-ohm tanks.


Then, we have to talk about the way it looks. Setting aside for a moment the fact that it’s clearly inspired by superhero movies, the Super Cape has a bunch of stuff going on aesthetically. For one thing, there’s those damn LED lights. You may like them or hate them, but, in this case, you don’t have a choice in the matter. You can change the colors, but you can’t change the colors on all of them, nor can you shut them off. If you pick this device up, you’ll not only be breaking the sound barrier when you hit it, you’ll also be able to help planes land on the runway. In addition to LED lights, it’s got ridges and color gradients and even a skeleton wearing a bandana if you want! I’m sorry, a skeleton with a bandana? How does that tie in with the whole superhero theme? Not a clue. Vaptio definitely threw everything at the wall when designing this device and there were no bad ideas in that boardroom.


You’ve also got some basic UI issues. For one thing, the chip feels a bit laggy. You also can’t lock the adjustment buttons without locking the entire vape. Then, there’s an insane amount of features and a useless manual which describes few of them. If you’re not willing to sit down and take the time to figure out all the button combinations needed to navigate the interface, you’ll be stuck vaping this kit in power mode forever, which, honestly, might be fine for some people. For others, however, spending $70 on a starter kit means you’d like easy access to all its features. That isn’t the case here.


On to the pros. The biggest strong suit of the Super Cape is its build and form factor. Despite its gaudy, toy-like appearance, the entire kit is actually built very well. It fits comfortably in the hand and the firing button is ergonomically located. The screen may be impossible to navigate, but it is super bright, which makes it a little easier if you are the kind of person with the patience to slog through the menus.


The vapor production isn’t all bad either. It’s actually quite flavorful and, obviously, you have a ton of airflow to play with.


Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the downfall of the Super Cape is that the only innovation Vaptio has brought to the table is in their bizarre design choices. Everything else in this kit is incredibly run-of-the-mill, with nothing to get particularly excited about. With C’s in every category across the board and a gigantic question mark in the design category, I can’t help but give this device a failing grade. There’s just nothing to recommend it here. With a million other dual 18650 starter kits out there, you can easily pick something up that’s as good, if not better, for less money. The only reason I can see someone picking this up is if you just like… really have a problematic obsession with Marvel. If that’s the case, this vape is not your biggest problem.


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