Vaporesso Target PM80 Review

The Vaporesso Target PM80 is a sophisticated and compact kit by Vaporesso. Vaporesso is a leader in the vaping industry, having a long history in the business starting out in the prehistoric year of 2006. As one of the pioneers in the vaping world, Vaporesso knows innovation, so it’s no surprise that the vaping giants present another quality device in the Target PM80 kit. It’s clear that Vaporesso knows quality, from the stylish look of the device with it’s flashy soft pocket leather design to the integrated intelligent chipset technology. Let’s dig into this beauty and see how it works.

Vaporesso Target PM80 Coils


  • Dimensions: 102mm 24.8mm 33.4mm
  • Display:0.96" TFT screen
  • Batteries: Built-in 2000mAh
  • Wattage Output: 5-80W
  • Voltage Output:80W
  • Resistance Range:0.2-3.5
  • Temperature Range: N/A
  • Juice Capacity:4ml/2ml(TPD)
  • Coil Ratings:GTX 0.2Ω mesh,coil (45–60W),GTX 0.3Ω mesh,coil (32-45W)


  • Axon Technology
  • Insta Fire
  • Pulse Mode
  • Smart VW
  • GTX Coils
  • Easy Filling


Mike Vapes


  • Beautiful build quality
  • Axon Chipset is a plus
  • Large liquid capacity
  • Comfortable mouthpiece



  • Type C charging
  • Small font on screen
  • No airflow adjustment for MTL vaping
  • Fill port should be at the top


DJLsb Vapes


  • Convenient Shape and size
  • Comfortable Drip Tip
  • Nice Touch Screen


  • Limiting Voltage Quality
  • Automatic draw system
  • Airflow quality



  • Excellent design and quality
  • Fast Axon chipset
  • Good airflow
  • Very good flavour
  • Excellent vapour production


  • No adjustable airflow
  • Type C charge


The Vaporesso Target PM80 starter kit appears to be well received amongst vapers worldwide. There’s alot to love about the Target PM80 but much like life everything can’t be all peaches and cream, there were a few concerns and furrowed brows over some of the functions of the device, let's dive into the cons.

First, there is no airflow adjustment for MTL vaping. The Target PM80 is a strictling DL vaping device, many vape enthusiasts were surprised with such advancements on the hardware there was nothing that accommodates the vaping styles of MTL users.

Next, the font is too small on the device. Though the screen itself is a nice addition to the savvy design, Vaporesso dropped the ball with the tiny font for it’s blind users, also there were concerns that the screen was too busy. Less is more.

Finally, limiting voltage puts restraints on users hoping for more boosting capabilities. Furthermore, there is an outcry for Vaporesso to go in the way of the future and use Type C charging.

Aside from the cons, the Vaporesso Target PM80 perfects comfort with the compact shape and size of the device. The drip tip and mouthpiece allows for a comfortable draw. Additionally, the large liquid capacity is a hit with no leakage issues, making all day vaping a real possibility.

Continuing, the addition of the Axon chipset is a plus making all the functions easy and quick to use in the device. Though some had their qualms over the screen, it is a pleasant addition to the hardware.

Final Thoughts

The Vaporesso Target PM80 is a smash. If you're looking for a stylish innovative compact device, you’ve won the jackpot with the Target PM80. The device is perfect for MTL lovers and beginners alike. The integration of the Axon Chipset makes the kit a breeze to use, it does all of the work for you. The large juice capacity and the massive battery is an automatic draw for the size of the device. Like always, Vaporesso spared no expense on the quality of the device, it’s solid yet feels comfortable in your hands with a beautiful soft pocket leather handle. The Vaporesso Target PM80 solidifies it’s place in the family as a worthy portable that I would highly recommend for all levels of vapors.

Vaporesso Target PM80 Whats Included

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