Vaporesso Nexus AIO Pod System Review

Vaporesso Nexus AIO Pod System Review


Greetings, vaper. We’re back with another vape review. Today, we’re talking about the Vaporesso Nexus AIO Ultra-Portable Pod System. Wow, quite the mouthful (that’s what she said).


This is your typical All-In-One pod system with an ergonomic feel, designed for portability and maximum convenience (aren’t they all?). In typical pod system fashion, the 650mAh battery is rechargeable, and the e-liquid reservoir keeps 2mL of juice. We will delve deeper into each feature in a second.


I will break open this package, give the Nexus a whirl, and share with you my thoughts, concerns, complaints, cynical observations, etc. Because why not? Also, I will scour through other experts’ opinions on this pod system and gather the top 3 most relevant reviews and list their comments in a pros and cons list.


Hopefully, this list will provide you with an unbiased bird’s eye view of everything that makes this device good and/or bad. But before we do that, let’s dig into the features and specs and see how it fares under the microscope:



  • Dimensions: 85.7 x 34 x 17.2 mm
  • Juice Capacity: 2.0mL
  • Coil Ratings: 1.0ohm NX CCELL Coil (rated for 7 - 12W), 1.0ohm NX Cotton Coil (rated for 7 - 12W)
  • Battery: Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 15W
  • Maximum Charging Current: 1A
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.6ohm



  • All-in-One System
  • Intelligent OMNI Board Mini Chipset
  • Auto Temperature Control
  • Low Liquid Detection
  • Direct Voltage Based Output
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Colorful LED Light Battery Indicator
  • Top-Filled Method - Expose Filling Port
  • Vaporesso NX CCELL Coil Technology
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • No-Load Protection
  • Low-Battery Protection
  • Over-Time Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Available in Black, Silver, Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Ruby, & Orange


Expert Opinions:

Mike Vapes 


  • The package contains a spare coil – always a plus
  • Automatic draw is idea for a device like this
  • CCELL coil provides very good flavor
  • Very, very cheap


  • Airflow is too loose Mouth-To-Lung – not his favorite for a pod
  • Wish it came with some form of airflow control


RiP Trippers


  • Stealthy vape
  • Great for thick VG juices (70% VG and thicker)
  • Nice LED lights
  • Built in temperature settings – adjustable via fire button
  • The coils provide amazing flavor – not burnt or any issues


  • Most juices will flood and leak unless it’s high VG
  • 50% / 50% juices will clog the pod


Matt from SMM


  • Good packaging – colorful
  • Quick charging capability
  • Nice mouthpiece fit
  • Loose cool draw with open airflow
  • Ceramic coils CCELL work admirably and provide amazing flavor
  • CCELL coils take longer to burn out


  • Half the battery compared to its competitor the Breeze 2
  • Uncomfortable pod / coil removal and refilling
  • Fire button is awkward


Review & Final Thoughts:

Let us begin with the packaging. Reminds me of an iPhone accessory or something. I have to say, the color is very nice. I’ve unpacked the blue version.

I see two coils included, that’s always good. A spare is always a plus (literally?). As I hold the device and feel it with my fingers, I gotta say, it’s well-built and feels nice. It’s not the most ergonomic thing out there, but it snuggles easily between my fingers and the palm of my hand. It’s like holding a little bug or something.


The mouthpiece is form-fitting, smooth, and nicely designed. Removing the pod is annoying me and unscrewing the coil sucks. You have to unscrew the screw, and then unscrew this screw from the coil. I want to enjoy a vape not do manual labor.


This pod kit should offer a plug-and-play experience in every way. That’s why pod systems are popular. They’re simple and user-friendly. Otherwise, I’ll go to a proper mod and sub-ohm tank. The fill hole is decently sized and well-built. There’s a fire button located on the bottom of the device with a tiny little light with a faint white light.


Airflow is loose mouth-to-lung, and the drawing mechanism shoots vapor automatically. There’s nothing innovative about either of those things. So far, so generic – except for flavor, the CCELL coil does provide robust and delicious vapor. I’m vaping Milky O’s by Churrios.


Adjusting airflow is a pain in the ass. You have to remove the pod and adjust the knob screw. Imagine having to do that a lot. It should be placed outside like the better version of this product: The Breeze. This one looks like it’s trying to be the Aspire Breeze but instead becomes a cheap imitation.


Now, let’s look into what the other experts had to say. Let’s dig into the pros and cons. Starting with the pros, this is a very cheap product. It’s around $15 on average and for what it does, it’s a good purchase. Another positive mark was the spare coil – as always, a spare goes a long way in making the customer happy.


A consistent positive note was the CCELL coil. Ceramic takes longer to burn out and gives the coils longer life and better flavor. All reviewers agreed with this. A lot of comments regarding the stealth-vaping capacity of this. For what this pod system offers, automatic draw is the way to go, and the airflow is good for MTL. Thick 70% and higher vg juices perform great (we’ll get to some negatives regarding the e-liquid flooding in a second).


More pros include attractive design, built-in temperature settings (adjustable via fire button), and the quick charging.


All is good in the world, but let’s talk about the CONS now:


Reviewer Mike Vapes complained about the airflow feeling too loose for a MTL. It’s not ideal for a pod system to experience such a loose MTL. Another consistent complaint is about the airflow and the lack of proper control. You must unscrew things, remove the pod, etc. For a pod system, it must give you what you want fast.


A terrible con from most was the flooding. If your juice is 50% / 50%, it will clog it. It must be 70% VG or higher. This means, if your favorite flavor doesn’t match these specs, you’re out of luck with this one.


The battery may charge quick, but it still boasts only half of what its competitor does: the breeze 2. Other complaints include awkward coil removal, annoying pod maintenance, and odd fire button location.


Overall, this is not a terrible device. It does what it promises. But, it’s generic at best, and, by trying to differentiate from the Breeze, the design choices are awkward.


It looks better than the Breeze, but if you want the best of the two. Get the Breeze and pass on the Nexus. Just my 2 cents. Sorry, Vaporesso.