10 Vaping Facts You Must Know Right Now

Vaping might seem like fun and games until you take your first hit. Besides a lot of coughing, there are more than a few occurrences you should expect when you're just starting to vape. If you pay attention to what your vape pen indicates, how you'll need to use it, and recognize vaping facts from myths, you will increase your chances of having an unbelievable vaping experience. 

Because they're slowly taking over the world by a storm, almost every fellow work-break enthusiast is transferring to vaping as their guilty pleasure, finally bidding goodbye to nasty smoking! It's become highly in vogue to own a vape pen or mod and create puffy clouds or join the inside-smokers for some stealth vaping! But if you think you're suited to join the party, you'll need to know the basic facts about vaping!

Continue reading through this detailed guide to vaping, and never be ashamed to get your vape on, whether in crowds or solo! Some of the best vape devices can be found easily online, and the ones in our selection occupy the throne! 

What are The Facts About Vaping?

Even if you're still not sold on the idea of vaping, the fact that it is a healthier option than smoking gets the most attention. It's no surprise that even the world of tobacco has transitioned into something digital, and that's why now we have vape devices that you can navigate according to your own will. 

Everyone knows the essential vaping beginner tips like taking it slow, changing flavors once in a while, and choosing the suitable PG and VG ratio. Still, not many can differentiate between the vaping myths and facts. The following are some critical points everyone should know when a conversation about vaping comes up. 

  1. Vaping isn't easier than smoking cigarettes;
  2. Vaping can become harder to quit once gotten used to because, like cigarettes, vaping too is highly addictive;
  3. Vapes can contain harmful chemicals found in bug spray and cleaning products.
  4. Vaping was first popularized in Asia back in the early 2000s;
  5. Vaping pens can have other things among tobacco, including dry herbs, oils, waxes, and concentrates; 
  6. Everybody can consume vaping products;
  7. Vaping's biggest fans are teenagers and young adults; 
  8. There are more than 7,000 vape flavors; 
  9. Vaping is healthier than smoking but still isn't completely harmless; 
  10. Vaping products might not even be FDA regulated.

These are some of the top most interesting facts about vaping we could find, and some of them might strike fear, but it's nothing to worry about if you've seen your fair share of smokes and vapes. 


Vaping Facts For Teens

Although vaping isn't the safest alternative, you can still quit smoking thanks to it. Vaping is at least 90% safer than traditional smoking, plus you can pick from thousands of different flavors. Teenagers should steer clear of both vaping products and cigarettes, but the safer variant of the two is vaping. They are just as harmful as original cigarettes, but they don't have to be since tons of e-liquids available on the market are nicotine-free. 

Your best pick is disposable and vape pod kits if you are looking for the safest vape kits. Usually, these are smaller and have built-in safety power cut-offs to prevent them from overheating. Plus, they are cheap and easy to use, and once you are done with them, you just throw them away. If you have concerns about polluting the earth once you throw them out, many of the pens are recyclable. 

What you need to look out for when picking your vape pen is that you buy from a reputable retailer. Quality matters, especially regarding your health and well-being, to spare yourself from coughing or breathing difficulties. Bad e-liquids and vapes can ruin your vaping adventure, especially for newbie vapers. When it does, it usually derails novice vapers back to traditional smoking. You need to pick your distributor smartly, a reputable seller will have a wide selection to choose from, and they will always be here to help you find that one taste you are lusting for! 

Vaping: Shopping Tips 

New times come with upgraded challenges; today, we don't work hard; we work smart. By that logic, we should also smoke smart, not the other way around. Vapes are the ideal solution to smoking habits, today's healthier alternative, and tomorrow's top pick! 

Vaping is the way of the future, and the future comes in thousands of flavors, all available in our online vape store! Please browse our selection for your ultimate future vaping experience right now. 

Vaping Facts: Conclusion 

Sometimes you can't separate from the crowd, and because vaping is conquering the world, you'll encounter a chance to try it! Whatever you decide to do from then on is totally up to you, and if you choose to join the trend, be careful with your first choices! 

Always choose a vape with a lower nicotine level, and pick a mild flavor. Once you get used to one type of taste, change it regularly! This way, you won't get a vaper's tongue, and you can brag about all the new flavors you tried. 

Don't interchange vaping for smoking, as both are vastly different experiences that tickle different fancies in the user. You might try to chain-vape, and you might learn the hard way why you can't ever do that! 

Take breaks between each inhaled vapor; if you don't, your device will surely remind you too! Most vape pens lower the vapor's strengths if you don't let it cool down, usually lasting about 30 seconds. 

And most importantly, don't mix smoking cigarettes with vaping, as this could lead to many health issues you won't encounter with just vaping. Even if you don't feel satisfied after vaping, you can change the e-liquid, but if you smoke cigarettes too, you might hurt your throat and lungs.