Some Advices for Beginner Vapers

The transition from smoking to vaping can feel daunting to newbies, it can get overwhelming with so many questions, which device should you buy? How much nicotine should you use? There’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, the most common mistakes are easy to avoid. Here's a rundown of the Top 9 vaping mistakes for beginners to avoid.

1) Don’t Invest in a poor quality E-cigarette

Your vaping experience is measured by the quality of your device and the type of E-liquid that you choose to use. One of the biggest mistakes that a budding vaper can make is investing in a low-quality device, it can alter the taste of your e-liquid, some devices leak, coils spit out a dry burnt taste that is unsavory and can turn you off from the entire experience of vaping. It’s important to invest in a quality device that can last you, and give you a worthwhile experience.

2) Don’t use the wrong nicotine strength

As a burgeoning vaper, nicotine may not be new to you, but dosing your nicotine may be a foreign venture. It's important to get it right because too much nicotine strength may have a negative effect on you by causing headaches and inducing nausea. Too little nicotine may feel like a waste of time if you don’t get the fix you’ve been craving. The guideline for vaping nicotine ranges from a heavy smoker(18mg), medium smoker (12mg), light smoker (3mg).

3) Don’t vape like a smoker

Vaping requires a gentle long inhale. Cigarette smokers take short MTL ( Mouth To Lung) puffs quickly to feel the effects of the smoke. If you vape like that you will potentially burn out your coils and zap up your e-liquid too quickly.

4) Don’t Buy the wrong device

With so many vaping devices on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. There are pods, mods, starter kits, e-cigarettes, and disposables. It’s important to conduct research before buying anything. If you purchase the wrong device it can alter your experience. beginners should stick to e-cigarettes, disposable pods, and starter kits to ease the transition.

5) Don’t Fire up your vape in a crowd

Although vaping has been proven to be healthier than combustible cigarettes and offer a better fragrance than the harshness of cigarette smoke. It's still rude to vape in a crowd. Everyone shouldn’t have to endure the smoke from your device. Don't be that jerk firing up in a crowd full of people, take other's health into consideration, and just be an overall decent human being. After all, you wouldn’t want to inhale some random strangers' mysterious smoke.

6) Do Keep your device clean

Keep your device in tip-top shape by cleaning it daily. This means thoroughly cleaning the mouthpiece, wiping down the expired e-liquid on the tank, and wiping down the outer chassis. The place where your mod connects to your pod cartridge should be cleaned regularly. The device can be cleaned with a cotton swab with a few dabs of rubbing alcohol on the end. If your pod has buttons, you can clear it of debris by using a toothpick. Actively cleaning your device can help improve its performance and extend longevity.

7) Do Change your coils

Changing your coils frequently prevents you from experiencing that disgusting burnt taste, and ensures that you have a fresh-tasting vape every time you fire up. So change your coils often so that you get the most out of your device. You can also clean your replaceable coils, soak them in water to remove residue, vinegar or vodka also serves as a great cleaning agent. After you soak your coal, set it aside, and allow it to air dry.

8) Do Safely store your e-liquid

E-liquid is a perishable item, which means that if it’s not stored properly it’s likely to go bad quickly. It’s important to keep your e-liquid stored in a cool dry place to ensure longevity. If stored in heat and direct sunlight, the flavor and taste of your e-juice flavor will change. Storing your e-liquid in a refrigerator is another plausible solution for preserving e-liquid.

9) Do Find the vaping style that suits you best

Knowing your preferred vaping style will help you reap the full benefits of vaping. It also simplifies the process of choosing devices, coils, and accessories. Most vape kits offer either mouth-to-lung (MTL) or a Direct Lung (DL) vaping experience. MTL vaping simulates the closest thing to smoking a real cigarette. MTL vaping offers throat hits and typically produces smaller clouds with the device. DL vaping shoots directly to your lungs and enhances the flavor of your e-juice producing huge clouds.

Hopefully these tips were helpful. You may not remember everything luckily you can always reread this article. Happy vaping!

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