Snowwolf 40W Taze Starter Kit Review

The Snowwolf 40W Taze Starter Kit is a sleek compact portable kit by Snowwolf. The company has been known to create high-tech quality products since 2013. With the 40W Taze kit Snowwolf has come to show you why they're a top contender in the vaping industry. The Taze Kit uses advanced technology like intelligent coil recognition that adjust wattage. It features a single battery function with a hard body design. Let’s get into the goods and see how she vapes.

Snowwolf Taze Specs


  • Intelligent Coil Recognition
  • RBA Mode included
  • New Pod Mesh Coil
  • 4.5mL Pod Capacity
  • 5-40W Wattage Output
  • IFV960 Smart Chip Inside
  • 4A/18W Fast Charge
  • Type C Charging Port




  • Magnet works well
  • Great flavor
  • The intelligent chip works well
  • Everything about the mod is perfect



  • The wattage only goes to 35




  • Great quality build
  • Nice trip tips
  • Coils work fantastically
  • Cons
  • Small display window
  • Prefer to have RBA with coil



  • Nice flavor profile
  • Great clouds
  • Fast Charging


  • Low wattage
  • Small Display screen


The Taze kit appears to be widely loved amongst vape users worldwide There is a lot to love about this Starter Kit, but there are a few improvements that could make it top tier.

First, there seems to be an issue with how low the wattage is. The 35 Wattage is not sufficient enough for vapers who want more flavor and bigger clouds production. Though not terrible, the mod could benefit from at least a 5 wattage boost.

Next, many users complained of the display screen being too small at a measly O’42” OLED. Though the device is compact, users could benefit from seeing their wattage settings on a larger display screen and alleviate the blind squint.

Aside from those two minor complaints, the Taze kit was well received amongst vapers. One of the many Pros was the love of the intelligent coil recognition in its design for intensified flavor, paired with the drip tips.

A second pro was the delicious flavor that the mod produced from the coil. Users were pleased with the flavor in every puff that brought out different notes of e-juice. Furthermore, the cloud production was slightly impressive for MTL lovers alike.

Finally, Vape enthusiasts were pleased with how fast the device charges and the sleek style of the hardbody design was a crowd favorite.

Final Thoughts

Snowwolf has created a solid mod that functions above average. There were more pros than cons which means they did an excellent job with the design of the product. Most vape enthusiasts were pleased with the overall functions and impressed with the great flavor. This is a great mod for beginners or anyone that travels and needs a compact device. If you have doubts about the taze kit, i'm here to tell you it is a great investment, I strongly recommend it.

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