Sense Sidekik Review

Sense Sidekik

The Sidekik by Sense is an all-new AIO, pod-style system. Many of these reviewers aptly described this device as a likely competitor to the Smok Novo system, given its similar form factor. The Sidekik is a small, highly portable MTL device with a small integrated battery and replaceable coil pods. Available in a variety of attractive, minimalist designs, the Sidekik is an elegant-looking device… but how does it hold up against the venerable Novo? Let’s peek under the hood and then hear from our reviewers before we make up our minds.



  • Dimensions: 91 x 25.5 x 14.5 mm
  • Battery: Integrated 460mAh
  • Wattage Range: 10 – 15W
  • Juice Capacity: 2.0mL
  • Coil Rating: 1.1ohm (rated for 10 – 15W)



  • Two Firing Modes – Normal & Strong
  • Draw-Activated Firing
  • Juice Viewing Window
  • Sidekik Coil Compatibility



Felix Vapes


-          Good, medium MTL draw/restricted DTL

-          Good capacity

-          Decent battery life

-          Super small & discreet form factor

-          Attractive color options

-          Affordable



-          5-puff mode switching is awkward

-          Fill-port is difficult to use without nails


Suck My Mod


-          Great vape quality

-          Nice medium MTL, more restricted than others

-          Great warm vape in Strong Mode

-          Flavor is fantastic

-          Nice build quality

-          Stylish without being flashy

-          Super pocketable

-          Comfortable mouthpiece



-          Side-fill is kind of annoying/difficult

-          A button for switching modes would have been nice

-          Pretty limited battery size




-          Replaceable coils

-          Vapes really nice

-          Looks cool

-          MicroUSB location on side is nice

-          Airflow is good

-          Flavor comes through nice



-          Small battery

-          5 puffs to change power setting is weird


Ah, yes, another straightforward consensus. The reviewers hit on just about the same points in each of their videos, with no real outlying opinions. Do yourself a favor and read this thing through to the end, but there’s no point playing coy about it: this thing beats the Novo in just about every category. That having been said, let’s start by talking about the cons, as usual.


There are three things wrong with the Sense Sidekik and it’s up to you how much these things matter. First off, the way you switch modes is sure to turn a few heads. Since this device is draw-activated, there is no button. This means that in order to switch between Normal and Strong modes, you have to puff on the device five times in five seconds. This looks a bit weird, and, understandably, reviewers weren’t too keen on it. There’s no reason a draw-activated device can’t have a separate button or even a switch in order to change modes. For this reason, reviewers suggested finding your preference and just leaving it there.


Next, the battery is pretty small. Even for a small, MTL device which isn’t going to use a whole lot of power, reviewers found that only the most moderate vapers out there are going to be able to squeeze a full day’s use out of a single charge. This is a little bit disappointing in an otherwise highly portable vape. Finally, the fill port is very small and can be difficult to use if you have no fingernails. Fortunately, they do include a backup silicone fill port cover in case you destroy yours out of frustration.


If you’ve already accepted these minor flaws in the design, you’re going to love the list of pros here. First off, it vapes great. The draw is a nice medium MTL – neither too tight nor loose – and the flavor comes through fantastically. Sense has a long history of creating great coils and the included Sidekik coils are a continuation of that legacy. The build quality is great and the style is universally appealing; even the rainbow option manages to err on the side of subtlety without being flashy. The mouthpiece is extremely comfortable and ergonomic, as well, for those who enjoy that duckbill style of vape.


If you’re looking for an alternative to the Novo, you’ve found it. If you’re a big fan of MTL devices and need the next-gen ultra-portable option, do yourself a favor and pick up the Sense Sidekik. It’s super affordable and it vapes great – just don’t expect it to last all day and understand that if you decide to change firing modes in public, people might look twice.

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