RELX AIO Starter Kit Review

Here we go! Another pod system in the market to quench all the needs you don’t have. I won’t get ahead of myself here, considering my overall disappointment with this product, but I’ve also consulted reviews around the internet to gather an unbiased list of pros and cons that could help you make your own opinion.


If simplicity is what you’re looking for, the RELX is for you. If you’re trying to quit smoking and crave a cigalike experience to help you curb that pesky habit, RELX could be for you. If you’re just browsing out of curiosity looking for other pod systems you could try, then leave now and find something better for half the price.


This simple, ultra-portable pod system offers a rechargeable 350mAh battery protected by its sturdy aluminum alloy construction. You can also enjoy 2mL of e-liquid in each pre-filled pod. It charges quickly (less than an hour) and is relatively small and compact.


It sits between your fingers much like a JUUL, PHIX, INFINIX, a sharpie, a cigarette, three rolled $20 bills, etc.


Why don’t we open it up to scrutiny and put it under the magnifying glass? Shall we?


Let’s go:




  • Weight: 25g
  • Charging Time: 45-60 minutes
  • Dimensions: 110 x 27mm
  • Wire Resistance: 1ohm - 1.2ohm
  • Color: Yellow, Grey, and Black




  • 2mL e-Liquid Capacity
  • 350mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction




Matt from SMM


  • FEELm Tech provides great tasting vapor
  • Good airflow – a little warm but pleasant
  • Decent throat hit from the prefilled pods
  • Solid magnetic connection



  • Pre-filled pods are annoyin
  • Way too expensive for what you receive – only two pods
  • Only slightly better than the JUUL



DJLsb Vapes


  • Best quality pod system he’s used so far
  • Two pods in the kit are nice
  • Sleek and good quality construction
  • RELX branding is subtle



  • Too expensive for what it does



Zophie Vapes


  • Not great unless you’re a smoker
  • USB charger is universal unlike JUULs or similar devices
  • Decent flavor and charges quickly



  • Too limited and plain







It’s hard not to compare every pod system that comes out with the JUUL. Let’s be honest here, there’s a reason why that damn thing has become so ubiquitous. It’s well built and relatively cheap. As you’ve probably experienced yourself, most other pod systems always miss the mark in a fundamental way.


This RELX pod system misses the mark in a few places. When listening to experts and reading reviews on this product, the only one who highly praised it was the popular YouTube vape reviewer DJLsb Vapes. The host, Daniel, is known for being finicky with his reviews, breaking down devices and running them on measuring devices for performance (battery, ohms, etc.). Somehow, DJLsb Vapes enjoyed this product. He really did…


So, don’t take my cynicism as gospel – you may actually like this product.


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I’m going to break it down a little bit further and analyze the pros and cons gathered from other experts.


Onward! First off, it’s way too expensive for what it is and what it does. For 2mL and 350mAh battery, the most you should get asked to pay is $10, honestly. Another big con is that the pods are pre-filled and disposable. You can’t choose your own juice. You must treat it like a JUUL.


The website touts this FEELM technology as a ceramic wicking block that is, basically, a thin layer of metal in the pod. Yeah, the vapor is okay, but I don’t know if this “technology” is responsible for it, or if the improvement is worth it. I think it’s just some copywriting mumbo-jumbo trying to make it look “unique” or claim that it boasts some “new technology.”


I am not impressed. Not one bit. In fact, I think it’s bullshit.


The battery itself is not bad, it’s kind of pleasant when holding it and slightly bulky in comparison with other similar pod systems. It fits comfortably in your pocket as well.


The device vibrates a few times: one to confirm connection with the pod, and another when you vape 15+ times over a period of ten minutes. It’s strange and unusual, but useful, I guess. I wish it would vibrate out of my mind. I wish I could use it like the Neuralyzer from Men in Black and erase it from my memory.


Pods are bigger than normal, but they hold more juice than your typical pod system. Hooray! Now, I’m sold…


Some people claim this is the best pre-filled pod system out there, but I disagree. It’s a me-too product. It’s an opportunist in a room claiming genius by copying someone else’s homework. A clown with no name who wants to cash in on the bandwagon.


Innovation? Nope. The best flavor? Nope. The best anything? Nope. But, somehow, they want to charge up to $60 for it? Get out of here. I wish I could erase it from my memory and buy a proper sub-ohm tank and mod with that amount of money.


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