KangerTech Ranger 200W Starter Kit Review

KangerTech Ranger 200W Starter Kit


KangerTech is a company that has been around for years, paving the way for so much of the innovation which followed in their footsteps. With the Ranger Starter Kit, they’ve shown a willingness to try something new and let’s just say their innovation has been met with mixed results. The Ranger is a 200W kit, featuring an ultra-compact dual-18650 battery setup, 0.15ohm and 0.4ohm coils, and a unique caged tank design for maximum durability. Each of these features have their own sets of pros and cons, but we’ll look at the kit’s features and specs before we go any further.



  • Dimensions: 83 x 48 x 28.5 mm
  • Weight: 145g
  • Construction: Zinc-Alloy
  • Battery: Dual 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
  • Wattage Output: 5 – 200W
  • Juice Capacity: 3.8mL
  • Coil Ratings: 0.15ohm Mesh Coil (rated for 20 – 100W), 0.4ohm Milli NiCr Coil (rated for 15 – 90W)



  • Easy-Access Top-Fill System
  • Ergonomic & Compact Design
  • Beginner / Intermediate / Expert Modes
  • Protection Suite



Mike Vapes


-          Extremely compact for dual 18650

-          Quick ramp-up

-          Accurate wattage

-          Display color options

-          Sturdy build quality

-          Good firing button

-          Top-fill system is good



-          Frustrating & annoying battery door design

-          Gapping on almost all other atomizers

-          No way to de-activate external lights

-          Some rattling if you move it around

-          Doesn’t stand up on its own very well

-          Tank cage limits juice capacity

-          Not a good coil, doesn’t handle chain-vaping at all

-          Tank/coil is very bad, while the mod is decent


Jai Haze


-          Very compact for dual 18650

-          Firing button feels good

-          Good top-fill system

-          Super durable tank



-          Zero information on coils – no ratings, no material, etc.

-          Coil removal is very difficult

-          Horrible finishing – parts arrived looking bad & dirty

-          Bad paintjob, super prone to fingerprints

-          Horrible, unusable menu layout

-          Horrible taste from coils

-          Cannot configure/turn off external LED lights


Zophie Vapes


-          Durable tank

-          Easy top-fill

-          Easy-to-use device



-          No information on coils

-          Coils cannot handle chain-vaping

-          Coils just not good in general



Well, it’s been a rocky road, but there you have it: reviews are in and they aren’t good! In fact, both Mike Vapes and Jai Haze lamented the fall of such a venerable company with video titles like “#FAIL” and “Worst Kit Ever”. Despite such a harsh take on this humble starter kit, each reviewer found it in their hearts to leave us with some positives, as well, so we’ll begin there. Before taking Jai Haze’s assertion that this kit is “straight garbage” to heart, let’s have a balanced look at the device.


Reviewers unanimously enjoyed the size of this device. As a dual 18650 kit, one would expect a certain degree of bulk and heft – all of which is thankfully missing here. Somehow KangerTech managed to craft a tiny starter kit and perhaps sacrificing the kit’s usability was a part of the design process give-and-take? Who knows. Either way, it’s small. The device also has a really decent firing button and ramps up quickly. Having various color options on the screen was enjoyable for each of the reviewers and there’s no denying that ensconcing your tank in a metal cage is going to prove extremely durable. So that’s good, as well.

Now on to the bad parts, but before we do: a disclaimer. One of the most truly remarkable things about all these bad reviews is that reviewers find different elements of this kit to be entirely deal-breaking. While a consensus of sorts usually forms over the course of a roundup like this, each of these reviewers seemed to finding new problems with the vape in real time. That having been said, nobody likes the coils. 100%, across the board, these coils are not good, with Mike Vapes even pleading with KangerTech management to fire their entire design team. Jai Haze and Zophie settled for pulling faces while trying to use the device.


Next, in no particular order, a master list of general grievances: The battery door is hard to get off, the tank gaps with most atomizers, the coils have literally no markings on them leaving it up to you to guess what they are, tank cage means less juice capacity, menu is borderline unusable and horribly laid out, you can’t de-activate the external LEDs… We don’t need to go on, do we? The reviewers didn’t like it and there’s really no sense beating a dead horse. After all, KangerTech isn’t here to defend themselves.


So, who is this for? Honestly, let’s cast aside some of the more serious allegations levied at KangerTech and assume, correctly, that there is essentially an audience for every device. This device is super compact and ultra-durable. If you’re in the market for a powerful, portable vape kit which will survive a few tumbles, the Ranger Kit is honestly going to fit that bill. Furthermore, if you just replace the tank with something you like better, this kit makes an absolutely fine investment.


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