iJoy Shogun Univ Starter Kit Review

iJoy Shogun Univ Starter Kit

While iJoy has been on a bit of a losing streak in recent years, there’s always hope when such a well-known an established company releases a new product. Perhaps the Univ Starter Kit is just the thing to kickstart the iJoy brand. After all, its design answers the prayers of many a VooPoo Drag fan with its dual resin panels and ergonomic design. In fact, it seems to be an overall return to form in the design department, but will that be enough? Will the functionality and features of the device match up with its attractive design? Or will the Univ join the rest of iJoy’s recent efforts in the discard pile. Let’s get to it.



  • Dimensions: 88 x 55 x 28.4mm
  • Batteries: Dual 18650
  • Wattage Range: 1 – 180W
  • Voltage Range: 0 – 7.5V
  • Resistance Range:05 – 3.0ohm
  • Display:96” OLED Screen
  • Juice Capacity:0mL / 5.5mL (Bubble)
  • Coil Ratings:15ohm KM1 (rated 40 – 80W), 0.15ohm DM-M2 (rated 40 – 80W)



  • Sliding Top Fill System
  • Triple Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Centered Stainless Steel 510
  • Zinc Alloy & Resin Chassis
  • Power/POD/PMODE/Temp Mode
  • Univ Chipset



Jai Haze


  • Nice & ergonomic
  • Resin on both sides
  • Really good flavor
  • Really good coils
  • Feels very nice in the hand
  • Really good starter kit, overall
  • Price point is very reasonable



  • Doesn’t like the symmetry, finds it confusing when picking it up
  • Not particularly compact
  • Kind of an outdated screen


Mike Vapes


  • Resin panels – very thick & high-quality
  • Everything is tight and no rattle on the doors
  • Looks beautiful
  • 510 in center
  • Fire button is nice & responsive
  • Quick firing speed
  • Easy to navigate



  • 1W adjustment is annoying
  • Battery markings not in white
  • Can’t lock up/down buttons individually


Matt from SMM


  • Build quality is good
  • Flavor is really nice
  • Resin on both sides
  • Buttons are fantastic
  • Zero gap with tanks
  • Centered 510
  • Framing & resin machining is beautiful
  • Absolutely an excellent mod



  • Pretty wide-open and turbulent airflow
  • No way to lock controls
  • Door has a little bit of play
  • Resin door is not completely rigid



We’ve got ourselves a winner here, folks! After digging through each of the reviews on YouTube, it seems people were hard-pressed to say anything negative about the iJoy Shogun Univ Starter Kit – even the disillusioned Jai Haze! Remarkable, truly. But, as always, we’ve got to start with cons before giving you a dozen reasons to run out and pick this kit up. Let’s get into it.


While the entire kit really doesn’t have any glaring flaws, the most noticeable thing to nitpick at is the fact that this mod doesn’t lock. There’s simply no way to lock the up/down buttons, nor is there even a way to lock the entire device short of turning the whole thing off. In a day and age where this is becoming standard practice, it’s definitely noticeable and a bit disappointing.


Other issues with this starter kit range depending on who you’re asking. Jai Haze, apparently, isn’t a fan of symmetrical mods at all, claiming it’s confusing when picking them up since you never know where the fire button is. According to Matt from SMM, the resin door being slightly creaky and not rigid is an issue, as is some minor door movement when it’s locked in place. Mike Vapes biggest gripe, as is often the case, is the battery markings not being done in white.


Take each of these cons with a grain of salt, and recognize that, usually, when reviewers get into this kind of stuff, it’s because there’s just nothing else to really talk about. It’s a good kit. Why? Let’s find out.


Unavoidably, when discussing the Univ Starter Kit, comparisons to the Drag series by VooPoo are going to arise. For this discussion, it’s important to understand some history. The Drag, while being one of the all-time bestselling mods on the market, has annoyed its fans for years with its single resin panel. Consumers have long clamored for dual, matching resin panels, and now, it seems, iJoy have heard their plea. The dual resin panels are gorgeous, perfectly matched, and incredibly thick and well-machined. The resin is a big factor here, folks.


You also get a really nice and ergonomic mod, which, depending upon the version of Drag you’re looking at, is a huge improvement over its primary competitor. While it isn’t particularly compact, the form factor is very nicely curved and the resin has that certain kind of softness and smoothness which feels so nice in the hand. Huge points for the way it feels.


Appearances are also really nice. The resin, as we’ve mentioned, is gorgeously done, but you also get a nicely centered 510. Jai Haze’s – admittedly weird – gripes aside, a centered 510 is almost universally a popular design choice. The 510 platform is perfectly flush with the mod as well, so you don’t get any weird gaps between your tank and the mod itself, which makes the kit work well with any tank – not just the included Nunchaku.


The buttons are all really nice and responsive, with the perfect amount of clickiness. They’re neither loud nor muted, firing very easily and feeling great. The screen is a bit of a weak point for some, with a rather outdated style. While it lacks color or any other flourishes, it’s a very easy screen and system to navigate with points given for its intuitive design.


While many reviewers dedicated themselves primarily to the mod, the tank is worth discussing as well. The tank is overall quite good, although it’s worth noting that it’s exceptionally airy and turbulent, even when turned down a bit. The coils provide excellent flavor, however, and match perfectly with the mod, making this an excellent package all around.


Final Thoughts

If you’re a long-time VooPoo Drag fan, this may finally be the reason you’ve got to escape VooPoo’s clutches and jump to their competitor. By almost all measures, the Univ Starter Kit is better than any version of the Drag to date. From its aesthetics to ergonomics, the Univ trounces the Drag 2 in all categories. For anybody else considering a new starter kit, the Univ is going to be perfect for those considering a low- to mid-end system. While the Univ lacks the features and pizazz you may find in a higher-end system, it also boasts a sizeable quality upgrade over other systems at this price point. It’s got everything a beginner or intermediate vaper could possibly need, it’s beautiful, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Pick it up if you’ve been considering a Drag 2 or anything else in this category – the Univ is among the best you’ll find.