iJoy Shogun JR Starter Kit Review

iJoy Shogun JR Starter Kit

So the Shogun JR by ijoy: let’s talk about it. If you’ve seen this bad boy, you remember it. It’s got some serious appeal going on in the looks department, but can it deliver? Is there more going on behind the scenes with this starter kit than just those striking resin panels and brushed bronze finishing? There was once a time when you’d never know until you tried it, but thanks to Handcheck, those days are over! We’ve gone to the pros, checked up on what the experts are saying, and compiled the reviews in one place for you. Let’s dive down and find out whether the Shogun JR is more than just a pretty face.



  • Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 26 mm
  • Material: Zinc-Alloy
  • Display:96” Screen
  • Battery: Integrated 4500mAh
  • Wattage Range: 1 – 126W
  • Coil Ratings:2ohm Mesh 1 Coil (rated for 40 – 80W)
  • Juice Capacity:5mL



  • Sliding Leakproof Top-Fill System
  • Shogun Mesh Coil Family Compatibility
  • Replaceable Resin Panels



Jai Haze


  • Swappable resin panels are nice
  • Nice & simple device
  • Great machining & high-quality construction



  • 510 drip tip seems outdated
  • Integrated battery
  • Extremely heavy
  • Not particularly ergonomic
  • Huge airflow
  • Coils don’t keep up at higher wattages


Ryan Hall


  • Great-looking interchangeable resin panels
  • Really bright & vivid menu
  • Gigantic internal battery
  • Zero ramp-up
  • Power output is on par with larger, external battery devices
  • Great flavor
  • Internal battery



  • No matching drip tips
  • Interior on panels looks great but are not reversible and cannot be displayed


AmbitionZ VapeR


  • Battery life is pretty good
  • Triple coil provides good flavor
  • Pretty decent longevity on coils
  • Easy fill system
  • Accents match the body
  • Nice replaceable resin panels
  • Super quick ramp-up
  • Super bright & intuitive menu
  • Responsive firing button



  • Internal battery
  • Occasional dry hits
  • 510 instead of 810
  • A bit of play and rattling with panels
  • Prone to leaking



If you took the time to read through all those pros and cons, you can see there’s quite a fair amount going on here. The iJoy Shogun JR is by no means a cut-and-dry starter kit, so we’ll discuss the cons first and see how serious its flaws are before discussing what you might like about this system.


The first flaws we’ll get into are interesting in that they may be what attracts you to this device in the first place. Namely, an integrated battery and a smaller drip tip. If you’re the kind of person who’s looking for an easier, built-in battery device, you can probably just skip this section. Same goes for those who prefer a smaller drip tip. While 810’s have become the norm for more powerful kits like this one, it is ultimately a matter of preference. That having been said, an integrated battery and the resultant limited lifespan of this starter kit is a definite turn-off for those looking to make a significant investment. Same with the drip tip; if you need the 810, you want to pass on this.


There were also some issues with the coils. One reviewer reported occasional dry hits during his time with the Shogun and also experienced more leaking than usual for a device like this. Another reviewer noted that the coils tend to struggle at higher wattages.


The Shogun JR is also rather heavy, which may be acceptable, but important to keep in mind. This isn’t a sweatpants pocket device.


Despite this seemingly long list of cons, there’s quite a few bright spots with the Shogun JR. For starters, the coils do provide pretty good flavor despite their issues. The triple coils in particular were quite popular with our reviewers. You also get really quick and responsive firing action, with very little ramp-up and a nice firing button.


The menu is really bright and easy to use, even when you’re outside in direct sunlight. It’s nothing particularly complicated either, going nicely with the integrated battery and beginner-friendly concept of the whole kit. You also get really impressive life out of both the battery and coils. The battery, in particular, is a massive 4500mAh which will offset the higher wattage to provide you with longer battery life than most other devices.


Finally, the kit just looks great and boasts some truly high-quality construction. Whatever your issue with the coils and design choices might be, it’s indisputable that the Shogun JR looks great. The resin panels are super attractive and can be easily swapped out, which is just a really nice touch.


So, as always, we ask: who is this for? This device is not for people who can’t abide integrated batteries and 510 drip tips. Otherwise, the Shogun JR makes a really solid beginner or intermediate box mod starter kit. It’s got a nice intuitive design, it looks great, and provides above average flavor with long-lasting coils. For most entry-level vapers, this is going to tick all the right boxes. If you’re a more experienced vaper or just someone with more particular tastes, you may want to pass. All others, give the Shogun JR Starter Kit a serious look.

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