IJoy Neptune X 14W Pod Review

The Neptune X 14W Pod System is the latest portable device by the iJoy brand. IJoy utilizes state of the art technology with a focus on providing the highest-class electronic cigarette products. With the Neptune X IJoy exemplifies it’s stellar design and top-quality functions. The Neptune X 14W pod appears to be a high-tech pod with impressive features and great replacements pods, let’s take a closer look.

IJoy Neptune X 14W Pod Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 58*50*14mm
  • Display: N/A
  • Batteries:650mAh
  • Wattage Output: 14W
  • Voltage Output: 3.5V,3.6V,3.7V
  • Resistance Range:1.0Ω
  • Temperature Range: N/A
  • Juice Capacity: 1.8ml
  • Coil Ratings: 1.0ohm

IJoy Neptune X 14W Pod Features:

  • IJoyLAB flavor testing technology
  • Type C charging
  • 3 adjustable voltages
  • Ultra leak proof design

Youtube Reviews:



  • Outstanding vapor production
  • High-end build quality
  • Great battery
  • Top-notch flavor


  • Flexible wattage
  • Type c charging



  • Flavorful
  • Build quality
  • Easy to function


  • More liquid capacity
  • low wattage

Vapor Trail Channel


  • Strong Battery
  • Flavor booster


  • Low wattage
  • Not enough juice capacity.


The Ijoy Neptune X 14W Pod appears to be a hit or miss amongst vapors worldwide. There were alot of pro’s about the Neptune X and a few cons, let’s take a look.

The first con that is the most pressing is the low juice capacity. The Neptune X features a measly 1.8 juice reservoir, many felt that if it were to truly be a worthy competitor to it’s sister pod the IJoy Neptune 14W pod that the brand should have upped the E-juice capacity by at least 2mL.

Next, The Neptune X utilizes a low coil wattage. The (1.0)ohm is not suitable for DIY vapors and only works for standard E-liquids. The Neptune X should feature RBA coils for versatility and a personal touch.

Following the gripes over the coil, the device's skimpy 14W output is on the chopping block. Vape enthusiasts were almost insulted by the 14W that is subpar at best.

Aside from those pesky grievances the Neptune X Pod is well received. The Ijoy flavor testing technology is a nice touch to the device with screaming good flavor and decent vapor production.

Additionally, the pod is easy to function with it’s single firing button, you can control all the settings without an overwhelming screen staring you in your face. Also, the Neptune X has a pretty strong 650mAh battery that can last you all day.

The construction of the pod is praise worthy. It’s palm sized chassis construction of zinc alloy and composite material is ideal for the pocket of your favorite jeans. It’s lightweight and burden free, with a comfortable hand grip. Type C charging brings the pod into this millennium.

Final Thoughts

The Neptune X 14W Pod is a suitable device for a novice. For its size this is a great pod however, there are more devices on the market that could offer you more bang. One thing that Ijoy got right with the Neptune X 14W pod is the flavor. The integration of the IJoy LAB flavor testing technology makes this a worthy pod. The pod's 650mAh battery is impressive with it’s all day lasting capabilities. If you’re a constant vapor, the 1.8mL juice reservoir may give you pause, and take some getting used to, but eventually it won’t be so bad. This pod is perfect for beginners because it operates with a single firing button that controls all of its functions. If you prefer nic salts, you’ll get much use of the (1.0)ohm coil. iJoy did an excellent job with the quality of the pod and integration of technology. I would highly recommend the Neptune X 14W Pod for newbies, and a backup device for vaping vets.

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