GeekVape Frenzy Review

GeekVape Frenzy


The GeekVape Frenzy is a pod system AIO device in the tradition of the Orion and the Trinity, featuring GeekVape’s much-acclaimed Flint coil heads. Built with a boxy, pocketable form factor, two adjustable modes, and fully adjustable airflow, the Frenzy is meant to be their versatile, ultra-portable, all-in-one device – but does it live up to the standards set by other devices in the same category? Let’s take a look under the hood and then hear what our reviewers have to say about it.



  • Dimensions: 86.1 x 37 x 15.7 mm
  • Battery: Integrated 950mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Voltage Output Range: 2.5 / 2.7 / 2.9V
  • Capacity: 2.0mL
  • Coil Resistance: 0.7 – 3.0ohm
  • TC Mode: 420 – 460F


  • Power Mode / Temperature Control Mode
  • Compatible with Flint Coils
  • Precise Temperature Controls
  • Magnetized Pod Connection
  • AS Chipset



Vap’n Fagan


-          Very satisfying & warm w/ Power Mode

-          TC Mode is cooler but smoother with more flavor

-          Comfortable drip tip

-          Excellent advanced fill system

-          Adjustable option is nice, especially with TC/Power

-          Attractive & feels great



-          Magnet connection is unideal

-          Can’t replace the drip tip


Mike Vapes


-          Great airflow control & vape hit overall

-          Can replace the coils

-          TC/Power Mode options

-          Actual resin panels

-          Sturdy & excellent build quality

-          Easy to check battery life

-          Great for MTL & stealth vaping

-          Good flavor on both coil options



-          Magnet connector not entirely secure

-          Can’t see inside the pod

-          Can’t tell difference visually between coils

-          Can’t replace the drip tip


Suck My Mo


-          Excellent draw – as tight as you like

-          Really smooth airflow – very satisfying

-          Flavor is really nice & gets warm

-          Mesh great flavor

-          Uses replaceable Flint coils



-          Magnet connection is a bit loose

-          Would like a separate button for modes

-          More steps involved with refilling



The GeekVape Frenzy was an overall win with our reviewers. While it drew the obvious comparisons to the Smok Trinity and the Lost Vape Orion, the consensus was that it does stand on its own, even when considered against these stalwarts in the pod system class. But before we get into what made this kit such a standout, let’s talk about its few cons.


The main issue that all reviewers noticed was the magnet connectors on the pod. While none of them experienced any issues with the pod slipping out inadvertently, it was noted (and demonstrated) that the pods can come loose if the device is dropped or significantly jarred in any way. Some reviewers called this “inexcusable” given the diversity of successful and popular pod connection systems available. One reviewer also noted that it’s a little hard to see your juice levels inside the pod and that the different coils can be largely indistinguishable from one another until you actually vape on them. Make sure to keep your different pods separate for this reason.


That about sums up the negatives, however, so let’s talk about the good stuff. The biggest positive for most of these reviewers was great versatility of the device. With two separate modes on offer, the Frenzy is great for people looking for a loose MTL or a restricted DTL. It can even get pretty restricted for those who prefer a tighter MTL closer to a cigarette draw. The adjustable airflow is a great addition, as well, allowing for a huge amount of control over your vape – particularly for such a portable device.


The compatibility with GeekVape’s Flint line of coils is also much appreciated, making this device a must-have for those who have already opted into GeekVape’s other MTL devices. The flavor is great, the vape is satisfying, and you can choose between the two coils for either an emphasis on flavor or a warmer vape. Finally, the real resin feels great in the hand, the design is ergonomic and comfortable, and, of course, it fits easily in your pocket.


So why choose this device over others in its class? If you’re a fan of GeekVape’s Flint coils, it’s a no-brainer. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a device with more custom options than the others, this is also for you. If you’re looking for a big, deep DTL vape, maybe pass on this one, but other than that, this is a great MTL/restricted-DTL vape.

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