Geek Vape Aegis Legend 200W Starter Kit Review

 Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Specs and Features
  3. First Impressions
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Professional Opinions
  6. Conclusion




Let’s go for a swim. This Legend kit is a demanding 200W device powered by dual 18650 batteries. Not only does it shoot from a high-powered base, it is also waterproof and shockproof (to a certain extent). On top of it sits the new Aero Mesh Sub-Ohm tank, complete with a 4mL e-Liquid reservoir, easy top-filling, and epic airflow via dual-slotted design.


Let’s break it apart and take a closer look:





  • Box Mod Dimensions: 90.5 x 58.5 x 30.6 mm
  • Box Mod Materials: Zinc & Aluminum Zinc Alloy, LSR Silicone Mold, Stainless Steel Powder Metallurgy, Premium Leather
  • Display: 0.91” OLED Full-Color Display
  • Battery: Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
  • Wattage Output Range: 5 - 200W
  • Temperature Range: 200 - 600F
  • Sub-Ohm Tank Diameter: 25mm
  • Juice Capacity: 4.0mL
  • Coil Ratings: 0.2ohm Mesh X1 Kanthal Coil (rated for 30 - 90W), 0.15ohm Quad Coil (rated for 60 - 80W)
  • Sub-Ohm Tank Material: Stainless Steel w/ Pyrex Glass Reinforcement






  • Compatible with Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Heating Elements
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) Adjustments
  • VPC Mode - Power Curve Adjustments
  • Bypass Mode
  • Shockproof System
  • IP67 Water Resistance and Dustproof System
  • Rocker-Style Firing Button
  • Bottom-Loaded Hinged Battery Cap
  • Spring-Loaded Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • Super Mesh Coil System
  • Dual-Slotted Bottom Airflow Control
  • Convenient Top-Fill Method
  • Delrin Widebore Drip Tip




Colors Available:

Silver, Black/Orange, Snakeskin, Camo, Stealth Black, Red, Blue, Azure, Rainbow, & Green


 Geek Vape Aegis Legend 200W Starter Kit


First Impression:


If you get pushed into a pool, your iPhone will die, the contents in your wallet will get ruined, but your Aegis Legend will have the time of its life. You can toss it into the deeper end of the pool and it will be just fine. I didn’t get to run it over with my car – like some YouTube reviewers did – but I can attest to the super durability feature. It feels sturdy at the touch. Hell, even at the sight!


Holding it in my hand, I can feel a carefully thought-out ergonomic design. The buttons are nice and clicky. The fire button sits at the perfect height for me to hit it. 


The screen is self-explanatory, bright, and avoids the embellishments that makes having a screen a double-edged sword: cool but complicated. This one avoids that! You see what you need and the clicky buttons allows easy navigation.


The USB-port is protected by a rubberized stopper which fits nice and snug - you really have to grip and pull hard to remove it. They give you a spare one in the box, just in case you lose it.


Pulling from the tank is on the louder side, but the flavor doesn’t disappoint. The aesthetic of it remains pleasant because it fits with the mod - unlike some other kits with mismatching mod box and tank.


With a 4mL e-liquid reservoir, you may have to refill more often than you’d prefer if cloud-chasing is a hobby of yours. It’s crazy how quickly you run out of juice with a 200W mod and a sub-ohm tank like this. I love its delicious vapor provided by the mesh coils.

 Aegislegend waterproof,shockproof,dustproof

Aegislegend combination


Pros & Cons:


PRO: No ramp-up, it hits fast.


PRO: Incredibly durable and sturdy – shockproof and waterproof! Need I say more?


PRO: The high-powered 200W mod shoots fast and strong


PRO: Tank and mod match perfectly


PRO: Incredibly mesh coils and airflow quality


PRO: Sleek OLED full-color display



CON: It’s more on the expensive side


CON: The mod is a lot more powerful than the tank



Other Professional Opinions:


Don’t just take my word for it. I scouted the vast plains of the internet looking for other Geek Vape Aegis Legend 200W Starter Kit users and gathered a consensus that will, hopefully, shed an unbiased light on the pros and cons.


Let’s take a look:


RiP Trippers


  • The mod is extremely powerful at 200W
  • Index finger and thumb sit ergonomically and comfortably
  • The screen is incredibly easy to navigate and minimal screens to switch from
  • Despite all of its sturdy features the device is incredibly lightweight
  • The ramp up is minimal. As soon as you fire it, you get tons of vapor
  • The mod is a workhorse – it’s shockproof and waterproof while remaining comfortable



  • The mod outperforms the tank
  • On the pricier side



Mike Vapes


  • Spare coils are always a plus - they even give you extra screws
  • Rubber and leather around the device is ergonomically pleasing
  • Carbon steel construction is consistent and beautiful
  • Waterproof seal in the battery door is well-designed
  • The battery door is one of the best ever reviewed
  • Amazing and powerful 200W
  • Highly responsive firing
  • Nice and easy scrolling via the OLED display
  • No button rattling



  • The silicone USB port plug may come off after some use



Matt from SMM


  • Great look and design
  • The mod is one of the best out there
  • The OLED screen works perfectly and it’s easy navigate
  • The leather feels and smells real and the color options work well
  • Great shock resistance and water-resistant capabilities
  • Fits nice and comfortably in your hand with a clicky fire button



  • The sub-ohm tank is not as good as the mod – fits better with the Falcon tank
  • The tank isn’t innovative. It’s your typical mesh coil experience
  • Not as shock proof. Tossed it in his backyard and USB latch came off









Don’t go into this mod thinking you can kick and toss it around and expecting it not to break. That seems to be an assumption permeating all the reviewers I’ve encountered. It can take a beating! But, for example, Matt from SMM tossed it a few times and the battery latch came off. Let’s dig into the pros and cons from the reviewers and try to gather a general idea that will hopefully shed a brighter light on this terrific device.


Starting with the cons, the price point is a point of agreement. As of today, this kit is $70 dollars. If you’re willing to drop that much money, your expectations may be higher. Personally, I believe it is worth that price point considering all the massive pros I’ve discovered. A deal breaker it is not, but maybe $10 dollars less would’ve been more appropriate.


Another con was the sub-ohm tank quality. Now, let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with the tank itself. In fact, it matches the mod well and it works as intended. The only complaint here is that there isn’t anything new with it. There is no innovation from this tank. I believe the distinction is glaring because the mod is extremely innovative and powerful. Several reviewers replaced the tank with their own favorite and had nothing but positive notes regarding the mod’s capabilities.


Let’s move on to the positives. The shock-resistant and waterproof features definitely impressed everybody – including myself. I loved how it felt in my hand and all reviewers agree on that count as well. All reviewers had amazing things to say regarding the ergonomic feel when the device sat on their hand and how comfortable the navigation was, how clicky the buttons were, and an overall terrific experience.


This product receives a must-have rating in spades by every single reviewer. The mod is powerful, the look is great, the build is outstanding. It’s worth every penny, in my opinion, and I highly recommend it.

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