Eleaf iWũ 15W Pod System Kit Review

Eleaf is a global brand known for designing the smoothest vaping devices on the market. With the iWũ 15W Pod System we get a glimpse of perfection. From it’s unique design to its compact chassis, the iWũ 15W Pod System definitely appears promising.

I don’t want drone on any further. Let's get down to the meat and potatoes of how this thing performs. Check out the pros and cons.


  • Size: 29mm*10mm*96mm
  • Output wattage: 15W max
  • Resistance range: 0.5-3.0ohm
  • Pod Cartridge: 2ml E-Juice capacity
  • Battery: Built-in 700mah Battery


  • Side-Fill
  • Buttonless design
  • Ultra Portable
  • Built-in 700mAh battery
  • Intuitive battery indicator
  • Unique Cover


Darth Vapor


  • Design of build quality
  • The battery is plastic but the cover is a nice sturdy metal retractable cover.
  • You can conceal the mouthpiece when it’s not in use
  • buttonless design
  • good vapor production
  • 700mAh battery
  • Inhale automatically to initiate


  • N/A

Mike Vapes


  • Flavor gradually gets better
  • Perfect MTL airflow
  • Airflow is not too loose or tight its more in the middle range
  • It has a draw like the infinix the way the FNX vapes
  • 700mAh battery life


  • It’s a process to view e-liquid (the pop caps off when you slide it open)
  • Metal on the mouthpiece, would prefer to have plastic
  • The rubber gasket on the fillport is difficult to put back on after you fill the tank

Vaping with twisted


  • Big battery good size
  • Discreet pod system
  • Vape all day with 700mAh battery
  • Pretty good airflow


  • You have to pop off the entire cap to see e-liquid. 


If nothing else the Eleaf iWũ 15W Pod is visually striking. At first glance, it looks like colorful fish gulls on the outer body design, but in reality, it’s a protective hollowed-out cover design that allows you to conceal the mouthpiece. The pod offers a buttonless design that can be activated through inhalation.

The iWũ 15W Pod holds 2mL e-liquid and is designed with an innovative leak free side-fill system. The pod itself offers simple functions and is very easy to use. Eleaf backs the pod with a solid 700mAh built-in battery. The iWũ pod is optimized for nicotine salts that work well with the 1.3ohm coil. Its slim figure is begging for a pocket to climb in and serves as the perfect portable. Now onto the pros and cons.

Starting with the pros, it’s no surprise that the eccentric design of the pod went over well with vapers. It’s a discreet portable that allows you to do your business without everybody in your business. Along with the build quality and looks, vapers praised the buttonless design with a preference of the auto draw as it leaves less room for error and simply gives you the hit you’ve been searching for effortlessly.

Continuing, the iWũ pod has a solid 700mAh battery, it lasts you all day depending on how frequent you vape. Next, MTL vapers will enjoy the perfect airflow that suits that style of vaping. Trusted reviewer Mike Vape said, the airflow is not too loose or tight, it’s more in the middle range but offers a perfect MTL draw. Mike compared the draw of the iWũ 15W Pod vapes to that of the infinix and FNX.

Rounding out the pros is probably the reason all of you came here. The flavor is pretty good, Mike vapes said that the flavor gradually gets better over time which means it will take you a couple of uses to break in the coil but once that’s done it's an absolutely delicious flavor. The vapor production is pretty good for a 15W pod, but don’t expect to blow down buildings or anything.

Delving into the cons, most of them were reoccurring amongst vapers, they include the frustrations of not being able to visibly see your e-liquid unless you pop off the entire metal cover. Finally, the rubber gasket on the fill port is hard to put back into place once you actually do fill the tank.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Eleaf iWũ 15W Pod System Kit delivers a stellar performance. There were minimal cons concerning the device. It does exactly what it says with no extra bells and whistles but what’s most important is you get a quality vape everytime. It’s a great starter kit for all levels of vapers. I’d recommend it!

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