Eleaf Elven 360mAh Pod System Review

This ultra-portable pod system is yet another entry in the latest pod craze. The shape and style are praised as helping smokers curb the habit by resembling the act of holding a cigarette. While not exactly a cigalike, it does share some ritualistic similarities with smoking and could actually help people quit that pesky habit.


Boasting 360mAh and a 1.6mL, it appears at first glance that it won’t be anything that surprises me or that I haven’t seen before. There is little room for the cutting-edge in the pod system market. There isn’t much they can do to impress anyone, and that’s the point. It’s not supposed to impress you. It’s supposed to deliver a very basic benefit. I shouldn’t judge it before trying it out, so I will open the box, analyze its features, and experience the Eleaf Elven to the best of my ability.


I will bring you my thoughts and opinions on my experience with the pod system, and I will also provide a gathering of thoughts from other experts in the form of pros and cons. This list should give you a bird’s eye view of this product that will hopefully help you make a decision to purchase or to ignore the Eleaf Elven 360mAh Pod Kit.


Let’s crack it open:




  • Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Pod Capacity: 1.6mL
  • Battery: 360mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Output: 15W max




  • E-Liquid Viewing Window
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • LED Light Battery Indicator
  • Side Fill System - Silicone Plug
  • Unique Different Airflows - Dependent on Cartridge Insertion
  • 10s Cut-Off Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over-Current Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-Charge Protection
  • MicroUSB Port Charging System
  • Available in Blue, Red, Black, Gold, Silver



Mike Vapes


  • Airflow is good – a little bit tight, similar to the Infinix
  • The size is small but feels sturdy
  • Form-fitting mouthpiece feels nice
  • Above average flavor



  • Round bottom doesn’t allow to stand your vape – like most other pods


DJLsb Vapes


  • Restrictive airflow and makes it airy while remaining tight
  • Pod is sleek and clear
  • Same size as the JUUL
  • Charges in 35 minutes or less



  • There’s occasional leaking – creates a mess on the port





  • Nice tight airflow
  • A spare pod is always a plus
  • Flavor is very good especially with nicotine salt e-liquids
  • Same size as the JUUL and performs better than the INFINIX



  • Leaks occasionally




As I unpack the Elven, I find two pods. I don’t understand why some companies ignore this, but it should be a inviolable rule to add a spare pod, cartridge, or coil. Eleaf sends spares and I love them for that. The battery is surprisingly sturdy and easy to trap between my fingers.


The airflow holes are strange. To vape with looser airflow, you need to insert the pod with the rubber cap on the opposite side to allow the air to course through the tiny hole. I have to say, it feels a little tight and not bad, actually. Reviewer Mike Vapes compares it to the Infinix by SMOK, and I would agree with him.


Both pods offer a 1.6ohm resistance coil which is standard with these type of pod systems - nothing to scream in excitement about. You’ll get mediocre clouds at best. The 1.6mL of e-liquid capacity is also standard for a pod like this.


It’s easy to refill and the pod clicks right in. It clicks tightly but sometimes require a bit of strength to remove. After a few days, they should become a little looser and easier to remove.

The feel of the device as it sits in my hand is nice, but I wish it were a little bit smoother. Again, I agree with reviewer Mike Vapes who wishes it features a contoured design rather than sharp edges. I agree with Mike yet again.


The mouthpiece is form-fitting and the vapor feels good through the coil. Vapor is supposedly more robust and delicious with nicotine salt-based e-liquids. Sadly, I cannot comment on that as I only vape nicotine free (I used vaping to quit it, baby!). Reviewer DJLsb Vapes attests to this and recommends 50% VG / 50% PG or 60% VG / 40% PG ratios as well.


A huge pro on my part is the battery. It recharges quickly in roughly 30 minutes.


To sum up, let’s review the pros and cons from our list of reviewers. Let’s start with the negative comments. First, we have the aesthetics. Mike Vapes didn’t like the sharp edges and the rounded bottom because he prefers to stand his vapes. Personally, I do the same thing with my Caliburn. Another common complaint is the leaking. It tends to leave drops at the connector but nothing close to a puddle.


Moving on to the positives, the Eleaf Elven 360mAh Pod System receive mostly good grades. DJLsb touts this as the INFINIX killer. I am not the biggest INFINIX fan myself (the batter lasts like 5 puffs), but there must be a reason why people love it.


Charging time clocking at around 30 minutes is a huge pro for every reviewer – myself included. The size is similar to the INFINIX and the JUUL. Overall, the pod system delivers on all fronts. While not impressive, it is not to be ignored; people are loving it for a reason.


I think it receives a passing grade. It doesn’t beat up the Caliburn or other similar pod systems. Don’t take my opinion as gospel, it’s merely thrown in this bucket of information for you to interrogate the features and come up with a conclusion. Some users swear by this pod system and it receives a consistent 7 out of 10.

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