Common Mistakes of Vaping to Avoid

If you are new to the world of vaping there may be some common mistakes that you’ve made or will be making while vaping. Here are a few common vaping mistakes most amateurs make.


Making a mistake in buying a vape

Purchase of the wrong vaping device is one of the most common mistakes beginners make when they begin vaping. Many brands produce expensive devices that are not appropriate for beginners.

To get started with vaping, most people require easy-to-use devices with an easy draw similar to that of a cigarette. Embrace this method, and you'll feel right at home, neither too harsh nor too mild. For beginners, an automatic draw vape with a small size and compact design is ideal.

It's also possible to upgrade your vape by changing the coil.


Being too technical

You get a vaporizer; you love it, you appreciate its functionality and are happy with it. Yet another coworker has a bigger, better, or shinier vape pack; this is what you want as well. If you go after the looks and technicality, you may end up not enjoying the vaping experience because it may become too overwhelming for you. 

Vaping can be confusing if you don't understand how your device works. Hence, getting involved in too much technicality and complexities, try studying the device you have and enjoy the experience.


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Dry Hits

Have you ever wondered why dry hits occur? They happen mainly because oils are dry and not wicking properly. It could either be that the wattage is wrong or the wick isn't filled with enough e-liquid. 

This burns your coil, giving it an unpleasant taste, and destroys your vape. It will be fried by too much power. Provide sufficient e-liquid to the coil. Also, hold off on vaping until it soaks and absorbs.


Incorrect E-Liquid Use

It's not fun to have inadequate nicotine. Learn what nicotine strength is best for you by understanding the nicotine strength guide. 

You've never vaped before? To begin, we usually suggest e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 1.8% for 20 per day smokers, since they may need the higher nicotine strength. Smokers are very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream when they smoke tobacco. With vaping, the process is longer.

Also, there is a wide variety of e-liquids available. Get your hands on a couple different flavors to find your favorite.


Chargers not compatible with vapes

As an electronic device, e-cigarettes cannot be charged with some unacceptable chargers. Chargers that are not designed for e-cigs are generally the cause of charging problems you see in the news. 

Follow the directions on the charger that came with the device. Also, don't carry removable batteries with loose change or keys as well as please kill your device before you put it in your pocket/bag!


Using Vapes Like Smokers

Smoking a tobacco cigarette is entirely different from vaping. Vaping is less intense than smoking. Inhaling into your mouth first gives you a taste, then inhaling into your lungs afterwards. Some people directly inhale. 

Vaping requires a different technique, and those first few puffs can put people off because they think vaping is the same as smoking. Hence, try to adopt the technique of vaping rather than sticking to the one used for smoking and it will certainly improve your vaping experience.

Just like every other task, you may take some time to get perfect vaping. Take your time to explore, experiment and enjoy. There is no rush in learning something with time.

We hope that this article was helpful for you. These tips are great, especially for beginners.


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