Atman Lucky Bear CBD Kit Review

Atman Lucky Bear CBD Kit


The Lucky Bear CBD Kit is a really interesting and ultra-portable stealth device by Atman. As many of you may know already, Atman is a manufacturer well-known for their commitment to both innovation and simplicity in design. This Lucky Bear Kit very much continues this tradition with creative styling and user-friendly operation.


The Lucky Bear is so-called because of its design. While it literally took me a full minute to see it, the device is, in fact, shaped like a gummy bear (it’s easier to see if you remove the cartridge). This is definitely a cute form factor, while also fitting pretty comfortably in the hand. This is where we mention how incredibly small the device is too. It’s smaller than just about any other vaporizer out there – in fact, it’s even smaller than a Bic lighter. Pretty insane, given the integrated 550mAh battery which will definitely last you all day long.


The starter kit includes everything you need to get going with this device too, which is nice. You’ve got a simple USB charging set-up and the whole thing can charge from zero to full in a little less than an hour, which isn’t bad given the longevity of the battery. It also comes with a 1-year warranty in case of emergencies and it’s always nice to see a company stand behind their quality control like that. Finally, a lanyard is included if you, like me, are one of those absentminded vape dorks who will lose anything not physically strapped to their body. Remember, this thing is tiny: use the lanyard now, thank me later.


The operation is pretty straightforward, of course. 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off, you push the eye of the “bear” to fire the device and turn it on/off. The kit includes an empty 510 cartridge, which is great. Simply fill it up with your favorite CBD oil and you’re ready to go. The Lucky Bear doesn’t mess with any sort of temperature control system or variable wattage, it’s simply optimized at 178C for CBD vaporization so you can just hit the fire button and worry about nothing else.

While it includes an empty 510 cartridge, you can also pick up pre-filled versions which fit perfectly in the arms of the Lucky Bear. Also, because of its uniquely “open” design where the cartridge goes, you can use cartridges of other sizes as well. This makes the Lucky Bear super versatile, which is nice especially for those who already have a bunch of cartridges on hand in different sizes. The primary downside of this design (and the device as a whole, really) is that this open set-up leaves your cartridge a little bit more vulnerable. If you drop this vape badly, you will shatter the tank.


Overall, the Lucky Bear CBD Kit is a really great device for people looking to stealth vape CBD oils on the go. It’s tiny, lasts all day, and is compatible with a bunch of different tanks. You also get to carry an adorably bear-shaped vape around on your neck, and who doesn’t want that? Who is this not for? If temperature controls or other advanced settings are a requirement for you, you’re going to wanna pass on this. If you’re too clumsy to get through the day without dropping your vape, this is also probably not the kit for you. If you’re literally any other person, get this vape – it’s great.

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