Aspire Tigon Starter Kit Review

Aspire Tigon Starter Kit

The Tigon Starter Kit by Aspire is a mid-level stick-style vape device with an integrated battery. While we’re seeing a lot these devices trend towards DTL-only vaping, the Tigon straddles that middle ground, providing you with the option for both MTL and DTL vaping. They’ve even gone so far as to include two separate drip tips for each style. If you’re looking for a versatile and portable stick device, the Aspire Tigon might be just the ticket. But what do our critics have to say? Let’s run down the numbers real quick before diving into our hand-selected reviewers’ opinions.



  • Dimensions: 142 x 24.5 mm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Battery: Integrated 2600mAh
  • Wattage Range: 10 – 28W
  • Coil Resistances: 0.4ohm & 1.2ohm


  • Child-Safe Refill System
  • Self-Sealing Top-Fill Port
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow Control Ring for both MTL & DTL
  • Two Delrin Drip Tips for MTL & DTL



DJLsb Vapes


-          MTL coil is flavorful with great MTL draw

-          DTL coil is good with decent flavor at full charge

-          Two airflow setups is great

-          Smooth airflow

-          Excellent machining and build quality

-          Great top-fill system

-          Great firing button & bright LED



-          Direct output

-          Tips over easily

-          No visible ventilation hole




-          Stainless steel construction

-          Feels & looks premium

-          Simple design aesthetic

-          Very cool top-fill system

-          Super versatile tank

-          Leakproof – tank seals when you remove coil



-          Not mesh coils


Mike Vapes


-          Beautiful construction

-          Great top-fill system

-          Leak-proof system



-          MTL coil is a bit gurgly at first

-          Very cool vape – too cool for proper DTL vaping

-          Somewhat noisy airflow

-          DTL flavor – only 6/10




While the Aspire Tigon Starter Kit certainly has a lot going for it, it is not without its flaws. Starting with the cons, we’ll go ahead and break down this device for you so you can clearly decide whether or not the Tigon is your next stick-style vape.


While each reviewer only noted a couple of issues each, none of their complaints really overlap. What this usually indicates is that a lot of the issues with the Aspire Tigon are a simple matter of taste, rather than black-and-white problems. So let’s read through the cons, one by one, and you can decide if any of these issues are dealbreakers. DJLsb notes that it’s a very easy device to knock over, given its shape. He also notes that it is a direct output device, meaning its performance will begin to suffer as you approach the end of its battery life. He also expressed some concern that the Tigon has no visible ventilation hole in case of emergency cooling. This isn’t the end of the world, of course, especially since Aspire is a reputable company and almost certainly have ventilation holes located elsewhere on the device.


The main issue for one reviewer was that the Tigon doesn’t use mesh coils. As this newer coil technology becomes increasingly prevalent, it’s always odd to see a brand-new device opting for older styles of coils. Mike Vapes took issue with the Tigon’s noisiness. He found that, upon changing into a new MTL coil, you may expect a bit of gurgling at first. Even as that gurgling fades, however, he still noticed a fair amount of turbulence and noise coming from the airflow system. The vape is also pretty cool, which makes it less ideal for DTL vaping. He also noted only a mediocre level of flavor from the DTL coils.


With these cons out of the way, why should you pick up the Aspire Tigon? For one thing, everyone agrees that this device is expertly crafted and super solid. Each detail of the vape is nicely machined and feels premium in the hand. The top-fill system also got rave reviews, as it always does when Aspire includes the press-to-fill option with their devices. Just having the option to switch the entire vape from an MTL setup to a DTL setup places it in a league of its own as well. Although reviews were a little mixed on the flavor production, the MTL coil seems to provide the best flavor and a true MTL draw as well. The DTL coils perform slightly worse, with not quite enough airflow and only mediocre flavor. The leakproof tank also drew some well-deserved praise for its innovative design.


So… the final word. Should you pick up the Aspire Tigon? If you’re a big fan of versatility and love being able to switch between MTL and DTL vaping, this is a clear choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re really into the production quality and styling of Aspire, this is a great vape as well. On the other hand, if you’re a super serious DTL vaper, looking for that warm, full-bodied, vapor-chasing DTL hit, you may end up disappointed. If you only vape mesh coils, you’re also out of luck here. Other than that, the Aspire Tigon makes a welcome and versatile entry into the increasingly crowded stick-style AIO device marketplace.

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