Aspire Spryte AIO Pod Kit Review

The Aspire Spryte AIO Pod Kit is a unique device. If you’re looking for a vape that stands out, then this is what you’re looking for. You can choose two different pod sizes – 2mL or 3.5mL. It’s one of the most portable, versatile vaping kits out there.


The kit includes two coils: 1.2 ohm and 1.8 ohm. Ideal for discreet vaping, both coils provide excellent flavor and rich vapor you will love to smoke all day. The pen-like design allows it to fit comfortably in your pocket, and the 650mAh battery provides extended use. For a vape of this size, the battery allows you to enjoy it for a while longer than similar pod systems. Despite its simplicity, you can adjust airflow for added convenience.


This is an amazing, affordable AIO pod kit you will enjoy. We placed it under the microscope for a closer look and consulted the opinion of other professionals.


Before we provide an unbiased consensus, let’s analyze the nuts and bolts of the Spryte AIO Pod Kit:




  • Dimensions: 108 x 26 x 26 mm
  • Pod Capacity:0 or 3.5mL
  • Pod Coil Ratings:8ohm BVC Coil (rated for 3.0 – 5.0V)
  • Pod Coil Ratings:2ohm BVC NS Coil (rated for 10 – 12W)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Battery: Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Constant Wattage Output: 12W




  • Beautiful Satin Finish
  • Single Fire Button Operation
  • Drip Tip Plastic Cap
  • Bottom-Fill Design - Silicone Plug
  • Airflow Vents - Fully Adjustable Airflow System
  • Aspire (BVC) Bottom Vertical Coil Technology
  • Micro USB Port Charging System
  • Available in Olive Green, Grey, Green, Blue, Purple



Mike Vapes


  • Good amount of e-liquid reservoir
  • Mouthpiece feels amazing – no extra air goes in the inhale
  • Terrific airflow
  • Coils provide great flavor
  • You can achieve tight and loose MTL draw if desired
  • Comfortable and ergonomically shaped
  • Mouthpiece cover keeps dust away and clicks on the bottom
  • Five clicks on / off functionality
  • Fire button is snug and clicky



  • Thinned out vapor compared to its predecessor – the Breeze 2


Matt from SMM


  • Easy pod swapping
  • Easy e-juice refilling
  • Battery is decent
  • Amazing mouthpiece
  • Coils work well and shoot delicious vapor
  • Button is clicky and nice

The flavor comes out amazing



  • Form factor is lacking
  • Button light is too bright – not ideal for stealth vaping
  • Stands at an angle and sometimes tips over


Zophie Vapes


  • Good airflow on the side
  • Adjustable airflow for MTL or DTL
  • Battery charges quickly



  • The mouthpiece protector easily comes off
  • Would like an LED screen with battery life indicator






The non-traditional look of this vape may put some people off. Sure, it’s slightly unusual, but functions perfectly as intended. In fact, the reviewers gave it a conclusive thumbs-up. Which is cool because I found myself taking more hits after I finished reviewing the features. That’s a good sign. The mouthpiece for me was my favorite feature. It doesn’t allow too much air, making the hit somewhat restrictive.


That being said, you can adjust the airflow to hit both MTL and DTL. The packaging isn’t as impressive as other Aspire products. With other kits, you get nicer packaging. This one had a transparent, flimsy, tray-like plastic. This is supposedly the sequel to the Breeze 2, and while they look nothing alike, they perform somewhat similarly. The coils provide smooth vapor, and the mesh coil is ideal for salt nicotine. Both types of e-liquid tasted amazing to me.


Let’s look into what the reviewers had to say. There were a few negative points on the rating of this product. Starting with the mouthpiece protector, it often comes loose, and it’s easy to lose. Also, when you hold the vape upright, it sits at an angle. Which is not a big deal, but when you place the mouthpiece protector on the bottom slot, it can no longer stay upright. Some users discarded the mouthpiece protector altogether.


The battery life received good marks, overall, but some users would’ve preferred a battery life indicator. Mike Vapes alluded to his desire for an LED screen indicating battery charge percentage. I most definitely concur with Mike.


The form factor felt odd to a reviewer. It didn’t feel ergonomic enough, or it felt awkward in his hand. Other reviewers found it okay, but not generally pleased with the aesthetics.


That is all for the cons. There were minimal complaints here and there but only nitpicks. Nothing that was worthwhile or panic worthy. Now, let’s move on to the good notes.


We all agree on this: excellent flavor, terrific coils, and magnificent vapor quality. All reviewers were impressed by the flavor. Also, the mouthpiece kept coming up as a massive thumbs up. The size of it, combined with the form-fitting design, pleased all. The vapor shooting through it was soothing, too.


The battery charges relatively quickly and lasts a decent amount of time. E-juice refills easily and boasts a big e-liquid reservoir. The firing button feels snug and “clicky.”


To summarize, this is an affordable device with an unusual look compared to other AIO devices. But what it promises to deliver, it delivers with a huge bang. A great bang for your buck and a performance you will never forget. If you want something unique that performs exactly as one of the top pod systems out there – then purchase this pod system today.

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