Aspire BP60 60W Pod System Kit Review

Today we will go into detail about the new BP60 60W Pod System Kit by Aspire that is loved by users all over the world.

The BP60 60W Pod System Kit by Aspire has changed the game of every pod system device. This device is designed to deliver a Sub-Ohm style vaping experience from a beautiful compact and transportable device. The BP60 Pod System can hold up to a hefty 5mL of e-juice, and is easily refillable by a convenient silicone side port.

This vape has two coil options included in the kit, a 0.3ohm kanthal mesh, and a 0.6ohm kanthal round wire. Each coil presents a different sensation, but both coils are easily replaceable by a press-fit manner into the base of the pod. The coils will magnetically attach into the device. The BP60 also has adjustable airflow that is precise and accurate via a side scrolling wheel.

The Device features a 1400mAh battery to fire up the powerful BP60. The rechargeable battery can be fully recharged in under an hour thanks to the Micro USB-C.

Fired by an auto-draw or button style, this luxury vape has the option to switch between both depending on your desired preference. Manual power is for users who want more control over the device, whereas auto draw is automatically powered based on the coil inserted.

With a beautiful 0.96” OLED display screen, it shows all your vaping data, pertinent information, and includes a puff counter.

Aspire BP60 60W Pod System Kit Colors

Aspire BP60 60W Pod System Kit Features:

  • Battery – 1400 mAh
  • Wattage Range - 1-60W
  • Dimensions - 99mm x 38mm x 23mm
  • Pod Capacity – 5ml Standard
  • Filling - Side Silicone Stopper
  • Display - 0.96" OLED Color Display
  • Body Material - Aluminum Alloy
  • Pod Seating - Magnetic
  • Coils – 0.3ohm Kanthal Mesh DTL / 0.6ohm Round Kanthal MTL / RBA
  • Coil Wattage Ratings - 0.3ohm 30-40W / 0.6ohm 15-25W
  • Coil Seating - Press-Fit
  • Airflow – Side Adjustable Scroll Wheel
  • Firing - Auto Draw or Button
  • Firing Modes - Manual / Auto
  • Safety - 10S Cutoff, Short Circuit, Low Voltage, Overcharge, Overheat, Over-discharge
  • Design – Sleek, Ergonomic, Flavor, Clouds
  • Colors – Carbon Fiber Black, Red Honeycomb, Golden Flame, Carbon Fiber Navy, Grey Starry Sky

Aspire BP60 60W Pod System Kit: Whats Included:

  • 1x BP60 Device
  • 1x BP60 Pod 5mL
  • 1x BP Coil 0.6Ω
  • 1x BP Coil 0.3Ω Mesh
  • 1x Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1x Cap String
  • 1x Manuel


The Aspire BP60 60W Pod System Kit had users all over the world raving about it. This new vape features all the bells and whistles of any luxury device, and there is no question why. Let’s dive into the pros and cons to get a better understanding about this vape.

Starting with the cons, users did not like the auto-draw activation as it was too harsh. Most users preferred the manual powering option because they felt they were more incontrol of the device, rather than the other way around.

Users were also not a fan of the 1400mAh rechargeable battery as they constantly had to charge the battery after hours of usage. Some users recommended they used a 18650mAh battery to prolong the lifespan, but the 1400mAh battery is fine with consistent charging.

Moving forward onto the pros, users could not stop raving about the two coil options and the adjustable airflow. Each coil performs a different function and delivers different heating mechanisms. With the BP60, each coil can be adjusted to the airflow you like with no burnt flavors or dry hits. This is one of the most important aspects in a vape, and it doesn't surprise us the Aspire knows what they are doing.

Lastly, a lot of users liked the silicone side fill port as it is easy to refill with no mess or hassle. The BP60 Pod System Kit is a luxury device that includes all the greatest features. It is no wonder why all the users loved this device, and recommend it to all users.


  • Quite
  • Coils
  • Adjustable Coils
  • Side Fill Port


  • Auto-draw Activation
  • Battery Power

Final Thoughts

Overall, the BP60 60W Pod System Kit by Aspire is loved by users all over the world. It features all the bells and whistles including a rechargeable battery, adjustable airflow, 5mL capacity of e-juice, two coil options, and dual firing options.

The BP60 is recommended to all users and is a great vape for cigarette smokers to transition. It is a high end device that delivers maximum flavoring and every exhale follows with thick milky clouds of perfection.

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