Beginner’s Guide to Box Mod Vapes

Welcome back to our Beginner Series - Part Two! Last time we covered pod systems and cig-a-likes and spent some time really getting into what makes those ultra-portable systems so popular. If you’re new to vaping or looking to make the switch from cigarettes, be sure to check that article out!

This week we’re going to be talking about that workhorse of the modern vape kit - the box mod. One of the most important elements of any vaper’s set-up, the box mod is the literal powerhouse of your vape. Be sure to take a moment and read through the basic components, benefits, and features of these devices before you pick up your first box modso you can make an informed decision.

What Is a Box Mod?

Not to get too basic on you here, but let’s do a quick refresher course on basic vape science. In just about any set-up, you’re going to have a battery which provides heat to a coil inside of which is an atomizer. As this atomizer heats up, the juice in which it is immersed vaporizes and is drawn through the mouth of the device into your lungs. This is basically what’s going on, regardless of the size and style of your vape device.

If we’re looking at it that way, the box mod is responsible for the battery part of that flowchart. Atomizers, coils, and juice reservoirs are all part of the “tank” (which we’ll be covering in part three). So, we’re talking about a big, box-shaped (hence the name) device responsible for holding batteries and powering your rig. Nothing too complicated there, right?

Key Features of the Box Mod

Now we’ve already established that box mods are a lot bigger and heavier than entry-level kits like pod systems, etc. so what’s the point? Why switch to a bigger, clunkier, more complex device when a pod system gets the job done just fine?

I’m glad you asked! Turns out there’s a ton of features and advantages provided by these box mods that their smaller cousins could only dream of. Keep in mind that not all box mods include all features, so when reading this list, make sure to note which features seem most important to you. From this point, you can make an informed decision about your box mod purchases! Of course, as with anything else, you’re going to have to experiment a bit to figure out exactly how these features line up with your vaping habits and preferences.

  • Temperature Control - If you’re coming to box mods from pod systems, you may have no idea what temperature control (TC) means. More basic systems don’t provide you with any options for controlling its temperature, but it’s actually handier than you might realize. By restricting the maximum temperature of your heating elements, TC not only fine-tunes your vape experience, it also entirely prevents dry hits - you know, when your coil runs out of juice but you hit it anyway without realizing and you get that horrible charred flavor in your mouth? Yeah, say goodbye to that with temperature controls!

  • Variable Wattage - While temperature control is often used as more of a protective measure, the wattage controls found in most box mods are all about finetuning the experience. By increasing or decreasing the wattage, you can control the intensity of each hit. Adjust the amount of vapor you’re producing, the strength of the throat hit, and the intensity of the flavor. This customization also makes these box mods compatible with a large variety of tanks and coils, each of which are rated for specific wattage levels.

  • Battery Life - Another huge advantage you’ll love when switching to these big boys is their battery life. No matter how convenient and portable the smaller devices are, there’s only so much battery life you can cram into a tiny chassis. Box mods regularly utilize one or two large 18650 or 20700 batteries for superior battery life. You can even find some exotic options featuring up to four batteries! The point is, box mods last a super long time because they’re bigger. It’s that simple.

  • Sub-Ohm Vaping & Sick Clouds - Recently, some smaller devices are experimenting with sub-ohm vaping, but historically that’s always been the realm of the box mod. What is sub-ohm vaping, you ask? This just means that you’re vaping with a resistance below 1.0ohm and typically using a lot more power output which equals huge clouds. If cloud production is your thing, box mods are an absolute necessity.

That’s it! Those are the most important features of a box mod. To really simplify it: box mods are bigger than pen systems, pod systems, and cig-a-likes. As a result, they’re more powerful, more versatile, and last longer than any other option out there. If you’re considering an upgrade, check out all the options out there - there’s a ton of choices.