6 Cringe-Worthy Anti-Vaping Ads


  1. Don’t Get Hacked by Vaping


Don’t get hacked, my friend. You will be programmed to mate with a JUUL in the near future.


  1. Don’t Follow The Herd

Apparently, Pasadena, CA residents weren’t too happy being referred to as stupid sheep. I wonder why.


  1. Don’t Be A Lab Rat


Is this worse than being called a stupid sheep? In this petri dish of a society, vapers are the lab rats, of course.


  1. Girls With Dreams Don’t Smoke


Can’t follow your dream of becoming a cop because of smoking? Damn! Somebody tell this guy:


  1. Pleasuring Yourself with Vape? Try Masturbation Instead


Another subtle gem by “The Real Cost” campaign. Here’s an honorable mention:


  1. It’s Not CUUL to JUUL in SCHUUL

This is all very /r/FellowKids.


Honorable Mention