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Monthly Archives: June 2020

  1. IJoy Neptune X 14W Pod Review

    The Neptune X 14W Pod System is the latest portable device by the iJoy brand. IJoy utilizes state of the art technology with a focus on providing the highest-class electronic cigarette products.
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  2. Innokin Podin Pod Kit Review

    The Innokin Podin Pod vaporizer is the latest portable device by the Innokin brand. Innokin is well known for being a world leader in innovative vape and e-cigarette technologies.
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  3. Hotcig Marvel Pod System Review

    The new generation Marvel Pod System is a revolutionary pod system by Hotcig. Hotcig is a leading vaping brand known for their amazing devices, coils, accessories, tanks and more since 2013.
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  4. iFill Disposable Pod Device Review

    For all vapers out there, discover the brand new flavorful iFill disposable bar! Ifill is a disposable smoking device that contains 5% nicotine salt with a 1.3mL capacity. With about 300 puffs per device, you'll be enhanced with a vibrant escape.
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  5. Vaporesso Target PM80 Review

    The VaporessoTarget PM80 is a sophisticated and compact kit by Vaporesso. Vaporesso is a leader in the vaping industry, having a long history in the business starting out in the prehistoric year of 2006.
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  6. Aspire Nautilus GT Kit Review

    The brand new Aspire Nautilus GT Kit takes vaping to a whole new level of an enhanced escape. The merge of two vape brand legends has developed a subsequent mouth-to-lung tank system. Aspire and Taifun presents the all-new NAUTILUS GT KIT.
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  7. Smok RPM Lite Kit Review

    Introducing the RPM Lite Kit by Smok that features a smaller and lighter weight design, that still maintains its powerful battery capacity of 1250mAh offering the same power range of 1W-40W.
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  8. Lost Vape Prana Pod System Review

    Prana continues the high-quality craftsmanship of Lost Vape with it’s compact size and easy to use features. The lost vape company is known for their craftsmanship and state of the art designed pod system.
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  9. Snowwolf 40W Taze Starter Kit Review

    The Snowwolf 40W Taze Starter Kit is a sleek compact portable kit by Snowwolf. The company has been known to create high-tech quality products since 2013.
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