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Aspire Puxos Interchangeable Side Panels

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In the mood to spice up the look of your mod? Aspire has just what you need to spruce it up. The magnetic panels range in various colors to fit personal style.


  • 1x Aspire Puxos Interchangeable Side Panels

Personalize the look of your mod with Aspires Puxos Interchangeable Side Panels. The panels are easy to slip on and snap into place with a magnetic panel.

Aspire offers funky colors like sleek silver or blushing pink, if you just want a clean look there are simple color options like black available.

Give your hardware a unique look with your personal touch. Choose your color and add to your cart today!

Aspire Puxos Interchangeable Side Panels: Main Features

  • Magnetic Panels
  • Various Color Options
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