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If you’re a dedicated vaper, you need all the latest accessories to keep your system looking and operating its best. At ProVape, you’ll find everything you need, including batteries, drip tips, replacement glass tubes, chargers, and tool kits.

As always, our huge selection of accessories is affordable and includes products by leading brands like Vaporesso, SnowWolf, and SMOK. Find what you need to accessorize your vape system and keep things running like a champ.

MXJO specialized in vape energy products for 5 years, they are devoted to research and manufacture high performance lithium battery and intelligent battery charger.

You could feel elegant design, pure color and high quality from MXJO. They are also striving to make each of MXJO product help bring you an amazing vape experience.

The rechargeable batteries require a quick and easy charge and have a long battery life. The MXJO brand produces chargers and accessories for multiple pods, kits, and tanks. MXJO knows quality and it shows in the richness of their products.

Joyetech was founded in 2007 with head office in Shenzhen, China and multiple factories throughout Southeastern China. As one of the largest vapor device manufactures globally Joyetech’s executives saw the importance in building highly talented teams of engineers, designers, and production management, in order to create the highest quality vapor products possible.

Joytech is one of the largest electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world. The brand boasts highly sought after products for every kind of vapor. Joyetech has everything you need for a quality vape including kits, pods, tanks, coils and mods.

Joytech is committed to innovation with their products; their new e-grip mini is so fashionable it can be worn as a purse. Joyetech continues to be a pioneer in the vaping industry with exclusive hardware and devices as they continue pushing forward.

A lot of people don’t even have any idea how many options there are when it comes to batteries and chargers. While a few major players have seemingly taken over the market throughout the years, companies like VRK drive the entire industry forward through innovation and dedication to improving the existing technology.

VRK is a team made up of engineers, scientists, designers, supply chain managers, and professionals from every corner of the industry. As a result, their batteries and chargers are some of the most intelligently designed and innovative power supply options on the market. Sure, you can buy batteries from any one of a dozen different manufacturers, but why not opt for the company who truly puts in the research, development, time, and passion to create an excellent product that they can be proud of.

Naturally, when picking batteries for your vape, you also need a company who stands behind their product. At this point, it should be obvious, but VRK stands behind each battery and charger they pump out 100%. Customer service is a top priority for VRK, right behind innovation and quality, so you can also enjoy peace of mind while running your vape setup on a VRK.

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