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Innokin Podin J Adapter

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J Adapter is intended for use with Innokin Podin. It can perfectly help the pod compatible with Innokin Podin and will provide you with more enjoyment while vaping. Simply purchase Innokin Podin J Adapter for your Innokin Podin Kit. The Podin Adaptors are available in two variations, 'M' and 'J.' The 'J' Adaptor works with Juul Pods.

Frequently bought together

MyBlu pods are compatible with the 'M' Adaptor.

The 'J' Adaptor works with Juul Pods.

With these handy little adaptors, you won't be left without a vape, as the Juul and MyBlu are readily available in many large retail stores.

On ProVape, you can purchase the Innokin Podin J Adapter. It enables the use of Juul Pods with your podin. You can juul all day now. Simply plug it in and you're good to go.


Innokin Podin J Adapter Features and Specifications:

• Specifications: No

• Package Contents: 1x Podin Adaptor

• Made in USA

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